Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting Pumped

I had been sidelined since Feb. 23 with a dual foot injury, but over the last few weeks the feet are healing up nicely. Shoes were too small b/c my feet have grown and I did not realize it.

You know anyone who needs 5 pair of Brooks size 9.5 ?

I can feel the excitement return! It's like I am 5 years old and I just opened up that new Dukes of Hazzard race track for Christmas.

During the month of March I can say I was basically depressed because I could not run.

I am back now! Went for a bike ride on April 12th, 60 miles, up to Canyon Lake and back.

Then on Sunday I ran a little 12 mile run! Whoosh, can ya feel it. I can feel it.

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