Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Getting High in CO

     I traveled to Denver on the 6th for weekend number 2 of my HA (high altitude) summer.  Gina picked me up and we drove down to Colorado Springs to hang out with JT and Brooks.  We met them down at Red Rocks Lounge on Colorado St. and started kicking back the brews.  There was no way we were going to catch up with JT and everyone else but we gave it a whirl. 
     In the AM we woke up and headed up to Pikes Peak, America's Mountain. I only regretted not wearing my Dallas Cowboys hat, representing America's Team!  We drove up a bit past halfway so we could hit the Elk Park route.  This route allowed us to do all of our work above 10K ft.  We ran down to Barr Camp and hit the Barr Trail to make the summit.  We did pretty good. Did some uphill running and running above 12K so that was nice. I was still the last person to make the peak and I had to get Lebroned to the top:
     My buddy Bill drove to the top and met us with pizza and PBR. It worked out pretty good because a little storm blew in and it got a bit nasty up there.  We hung out about 2 hours, building red blood cells. 
     In the evening, JT and Katie cooked up steaks from some cow that they one-eight-seven'ed out in Oklahoma.  Some of the folks that ran with us in the morning were there and we had a great time telling stories and general BS.  We found out that Liz really likes burritos. Basically I drank to much and felt like shit when I woke up on Sunday.  We went out and ran the Garden of the Gods 10 Miler.   It went pretty good, even though I started in the very back, cause a last minute shitter visit.  My splits were 3 min diff, so prob should have run like a 1:14:xx. Oh well.  I ran in my GoMeb2 so that pretty much means, I am bad ass at running. Buy from 3rd party retailer. 

John T Sharp   M 36   Selma TX     40:05 (1st half)   37:06  (2nd half)      1:17:12 (time)    7:43/M Pace.


   Afterwards we had planned a trip up the incline and maybe drive up to Pikes and do some sprints up high, but the weather wasn't playing around and was shitty.   So we went and had beers and burgers.    Gina and I left in the afternoon and met Bill and his mom and sister in Denver and ate Mexican food.  I'd mention his wife, but she acted like I didn't exist and didn't even give me common courtesy of a hello. Basically, she can kiss my ass.   She's pissed off because, who the fuck cares.   However, it was nice to visit with his mom and sister again, it has been about 8 or 9 years.  Oh yea, almost forgot, Bill and I used to lift weights back in the old days. I've known this guy since 1997, so we had a competition.  Calves, quads and glutes.  See below:

     I think I won quads and hammy, but calves are equal.  So, all said.  Only got about 20 miles this weekend, for a 50 mile week.  But I was up high on Saturday for about 6 hours.  And I felt pretty dammed good.  Big shout out to JT and Katie for hosting Gina and I.  We had a great time.

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