Thursday, October 9, 2014

Big Dream Came True

     I'm behind on my posts from the Barkley Fall Classic and La Ultra the High.  I've got a bunch of work to do.  I guess I'll get caught up, eventually.  I got off my ass and created a small personal run coaching business.  I've been wanting to do this since 2010, but lacked confidence and experience.  Whether I have the requisite experience or not now, it doesn't matter.
     This new endeavor is a project for me in an number of capacities.  Aside from learning how to coach someone other than myself, it's an exercise in methodology, marketing, social media presence, accounting, management, empathy, motivation, among other things.  It's generally understood that physical achievement is tied closely to mental outlook.  So it's also a project in philosophy and psychology.
     The business is Sharp Coaching. I'll be working with clients, motivating them, providing training schedules, nutrition advice, and necessary advice/guidance to help them tackle any dream they have in the running space.  5K to 10K to 26.2 to 100miles, road or trail.  Running is simple, that's my ultimate idea.   Let's un-muddy the waters so you can focus on being a runner, not a scientist or psychologist. 
     Most importantly, I want to do this on my own terms.  I'm me.  It would be a violation of my personal ethic to present myself in this endeavor as someone other than my authentic self.  I'm "required" to do this in my professional position.  When I'm working in my personal, passionate  space, authenticity must be paramount.  However, the client is due professional service, and diligent dedication to your commitment to their goals.  My intention is to provide this.
              Let's run, let's have fun, let's change the world! 

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