Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Race Schedule

     After careful culling, and some bad luck with lotteries and entries I have a 2015 race schedule.  Ultimately I have quite a bunch of bills to pay off from 2014 so this is driving some of my decisions.  I hope to see lots of friends out there!

RACE                      DATE              GOAL
BANDERA 100K    10-Jan              12:00:00
SCHERTZ 5K          17-Jan              19:15
RODEO 4 MILE      14-Feb              24:40
NUECES 50K          28-Feb              4:10:00
LST 96 MILE           14-Mar             24:00:00
TIR 200 SOLO*       28-Mar             48 HOURS
VERMONT 888K    23-May            164 HOURS
VOL STATE                9-Jul              100 HOURS
NOLANS 14              AUG*              57 HOURS
BIG BACKYARD    17-Oct               72 HOURS*

     There may be some other races that jump in there.  I've had to reconsider Ronda Dels Cims, Born To Run 50K, and Spartathlon.  Also, I may pass on a Grand Canyon trip this year.  But there may be an event I will put on in December 2015  -  El Camino de la Vaca.  Additionally the SnowDrop 55 hour would be a cool event for nex December as well.  Stay Tuned.

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