Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5:18 Mile: How A Short Heavy Dude Smoked the Mile

     On Sunday I ran the Milsa Mile here in San Antonio.  (results)  Surprisingly I ran a 5:18 for the mile and felt like I had a bit left in the tank. I didn't really expect that I would be able to run sub 5:30.  My best mile a few years back was a 5:50 in training, with a Garmin.  On Saturday I ran the Dash for Downs 5K back home in 20:47 which equates to 6:41 pace which is not indicative of a sub 5:30 mile at least as far as I know. According to Run Bayou online VDOT tables, it would indicate a 6:10 mile and a VDOT value of 47ish.  VDOT is a pseudo-ish VO2 value which has been standardized over many years and tests by Coach Jack Daniels.   The 5:18 mile indicates a VDOT value of 56 and a 5K of 18:05.  Could I have run sub 20 - 5K on Saturday, I think so, but not a sub-19.
     Anyway. One may suggest that I probably ran lots of 200M, 400M and 800M track work to get ready for this mile.  However, as one would see from my training log, that was not the case.  I have basically been running at or below 80% max HR. For the last 15 weeks.  Early in the cycle in Feb, I did some mile repeats and a few tempo runs, but nothing recently.
    I basically train at 80% of max HR or less based on Maffetone 180 Formula.  This number for me is (180-37) + 5 = 148.  Surprisingly, when I had my VO2 test done with Amanda McIntosh it showed my VO2 max is 53.6 and the top of my Zone 1 is 150 beats, real close to 148 and if you take the standard MAX HR formula of  220 - AGE = 183 * .8 you get to 146.4 .  All of these numbers coalesce to 150 or less.
     About 3 weeks ago I did a test to see at what pace I could run and be @ exaclty 150 BPM. After a 20 min warm up I ran  4 miles @ 8 min pace @ 150 BPM exact.   This was quite a bit better than December, about 45 sec per mile better. However, the tests were not exact replicas. 
     My understanding of training at 80% or less and quite a bit of time treadmill walking at 70% or less is that what is happening is you are creating eccentric growth of your left ventricle.
     As you can see the ventricle get's larger and more voluminous.  If you look at the VO2max formula (HRmax x SVmax) x a-vO2diff max  you'll see that SV, stroke volume, is able to be manipulated.  It's call cardiac remodeling. Whenever I'm walking on the incline treadmill and not really pushing the pace, just 3MPH at 20% I imagine that my heart is growing.
     I will admit that tire pulling (mostly walking) and incline treadmill walking allowed me to get stronger while not doing any weights or core work during this last 16 weeks. And did I do a lot of running? Yea I sure did. In 15 weeks I ran 1257 miles which averages to 83 miles a week but with a max/min of 18/137. You could say it was LSD I guess.  I did quite a bit of walking, maybe 35 % to 40% of the total miles could be attributed to walking as opposed to running.
     I like the article by Steve Magness where he talks about the evolution of running.  I especially like the part where he bashes CrossFit Endurance. Cause it's bullshit. What is interesting to note, for a short heavy dude who ran lots of miles, I didn't get hurt (thankfully), I didn't really do any core training such as weights or situps, etc...  I definitely didn't do a bunch Olympic lifts and didn't run any sprints.  At 37 y/o @ 5'5 and 185lbs to be able to run a 5:18 mile without speed work, with out lifting weights (granted I have a lot of muscle left over from back in the day), and just doing LSD is probably not what CrossFit endurance or anyone would tell you is possible. I mean, I guess.  Hell I didn't think it was possible, but it happened.  Could I have run faster if say I didn't drink 6 or 8 beers the day before, if I was 165 lbs, and I had done some 400's and 800's, yea I prob could have went sub five minutes pretty easily. 
     With everything said, do I have a formula?  Yea and this is free.  Pull tires, walk up hill, spend 15+ hours a week training at 80% or less up to 25+ hours week.  Tell your mamma you love her, and pet your dogs. Have a beer now and again, move 6 days a week. Smile and tell jokes out there running. And be sure to piss off a few folks on Facebook. :)   #movementmatters 
Yesterday I saw where I put 10K in two places where I meant to say 5K, this has been updated. 

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GZ said...

You might do better at the shorter distances on those V02 tables given your build - but regardless - kick ass man. Well done.