Monday, July 27, 2009

27 July 2009

It's been a while since I have posted anything to this blog. I am going to try to start posting my daily workouts again, hopefully to create a little more accountability and consistency in my training.

Did quite a bit of stretching in my garage "Bikram" studio. It's hot in a garage in July, let me tell ya. Focused on hip flexor and leg stretches.

Also started working on the Turkish Get-Up with the 25lbs Kettlebell Brice left at my house. These are going to be a challenge. Hoping to move to the 54lbs kettlebell in a week or so.

Went to the football practice field at the high school near the house and did sprints.
10 x 120 yard sprints, here are the times. In seconds and hundredths of a second.
1. 18:87
2. 18:17
3. 18:10 Only took a 40 second rest between the 3rd and 4th sprint. A real ass kicker.
4. 19:22
5. 19:98
6. 18:02
7. 18:28
8. 21:33
9. 23:12
10. somewhere below 20 seconds, forgot to start the stop watch.

I ran these in my Mizuno racing flats. Something similar to these.

These are the thinnest shoes I could find at the Fort Worth Running Company Store. Not quite barefoot, but we are looking at less than a half-inch of sole without any arch support.

I am going to focus on speed work during the week for the next two weeks before I leave for Colorado for the Leadville 100 Trail Run.

I need to get the wheels turning faster so this should do the trick.

Planning on 10 400's tomorrow, wish me luck.


brownie said...

Good call on the speedwork, seems like you have the endurance. Maybe try some hill repeats?

Ryan V. said...

You're running Leadville? Dude, do you have a "stop" button?

johnt said...

Stop button, what the hell is that? haha

Yea, I have one it will probably engage about mile 80.

I am working on the speedwork, jt. I hope it helps. Based on my 400's today though, I am pretty slow.