Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Saturday night was Humid as Hell.

Okay, all ya folks out there.

I did a recovery workout yesterday from the 60k that I did this weekend.
Foam roller, assisted stretches with the kettlebell, bag swings, and 32kg kettlebell swings.

Not much, but got out there in the heat, in the garage, sweated a little, just loosening up.

The 60K at Muleshoe went well on Saturday night. I got there about 30 minutes late and didn't really feel like running, but I got talked into it. Dammit. I was hoping to just sit around and B.S. I ran loop 3 - 6 with my friend Cheri. We had a good run, check out the splits. It was a 10K loop on trail.

Cheri Woldt
L1 1:46:46
L2 2:02:56
L3 2:12:24
L4 2:09:53
L5 2:02:11
L6 1:51:32
TOTAL 12:05:42

John Sharp
L1 2:03:36
L2 1:46:05
L3 2:12:20
L4 2:09:45
L5 2:02:26
L6 1:51:31

Yea we were over the cut off of 12hrs, but not bad considering that I didn't even want to run I was just happy I didn't quit. If you will notice we got faster every loop after loop 3. With the 6th
loop almost as fast as the 1st loop. This race was just a 60k, but it had a only a 40% finish rate!
It was hot, humid, and it rained so we had a shitty muddy aspect to this race.

Hurray for pizza!

On another note, I just bought 200ft of water hose. I have to start watering some of my mountain laurels, trees, and grass. Its been super dry round these parts. I may even wash my truck today and my dishes. Hummm, we will see.


Larry said...

You all rock! Way to git'er done! I'm beginning to wonder if that 60K should have actually had an "M" after the 60... :)

Anonymous said...

nice job mate.

btw, make sure you instal AC in your truck!