Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Stuff

Alright, Okay, yea I know! I have not been keeping up with this freakin blog. So there!

Not a whole lot going on here, I am up in Leadville getting ready for the 100 mile trail run. I hope I finish. Its going to push me pretty hard, but if I keep the calories going then I should be fine.

I did the Incline in Colo Springs twice this week and hiked up Pikes Peak. I didn't start getting a headache until about 13,500 feet so that was pretty nice. On Tuesday I went to Rocky Mountain National Park and ran about 2.5 hours at 12,000 feet. That went well with no headaches. I helps when you are well hydrated. I haven't seen any of the Leadville Trail but from what I hear it is not as aggressive as Hardrock. So maybe I will have something working for me.

I bought a sixer of PBR today. It's okay, but it says union made on the can, so this will be the last PBR sixer I will ever buy.

I don't have a whole lot of anxiety about this race, not like all of the other 100 milers. So I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I got to spend some time with my friend Heidi over the weekend which was nice. Her and her husband John are great folks. She has a nice place east of Denver complete with chickens, guineas, goats, alpacas, horses and sheep. She has a regular farm going on there. Pretty cool I think.

I also hung out with Yvette another friend of mine from the Army who I haven't seen in 10 years. She was a little tired from working all night, but we had a fun time driving out to the national park.

I have been seeing signs around Colorado that the road construction projects are being funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. You know, the "shovel ready" projects that the 750B is being spent on. The only problem is all I see are cones and barrels and no workers. Humm. Another funny thing is that in places like Colorado all the road work is done in the summer from what I understand. So is this "investment" really just the Federal government spending money on projects that were going to be done by the states anyway?? And if so, what happened to the money that the state had already allocated for that project?? Interesting.


brownie said...

Leadville is not nearly as technical as Hardrock. The big problem is the first 40 miles of Pb are runnable. Most folks go out way too fast, setting themselves up for epic failure once they run into Hope Pass.

olga said...

Leadville might not be as agressive, but the pitfall is that it has very angry cut-off's. Exactly because it's above 10k, ha! So, that said, breathe a lot, man. I'll keep my fingers crossed.