Monday, March 1, 2010

A case of the Mondays?

Alright, good weekend. Went to Austin on Sunday did a crazy monkey run with Josue. It rocked we jumped off cliffs, swam the creek a few times, ran up hills, climbed trees, jumped over shit, under shit, and climbed up grapevines! Freakin crazy man. All in VFF Treks, 16oz of water and a little bit of cane syrup. For 3.5 hours. I had some low blood sugar towards the end, I only had a small yogurt for Breakfast.

Saturday after noon, a visit with my coach Joe. All is well, not gonna do Tahoe 100 or Bear 100 this year after talking with him. Gonna focus on HardRock, Leadville, and Gila. Also though, I signed up for Fuego Y Agua. Should be fun, the RD is good people and some of the Austin folks that are going are also good folks.

Saturday night, I went to see a piece by Chopin at the Majestic in San Antonio. I was tired, and didn't pay for parking, so I was anxious the whole freakin time. Decided to go to Cowboys dancehall afterwards. I got a cab over there and a cab home, prob had 8 beers and some vodka shots. I felt like shit all day Sunday, like SHIT man! That's how it goes, I slept most of the day. I am gonna try to go all week w/o beer until the Nueces Marathon on Saturday. Lets see what happens.

Today, 8.5 miles did the firs 7 in an hour, then slowed a bit. Total time was 1:15:31. Came out to a 8:49 pace overall, put in some hills, and ran pretty leisurely was trying to keep the AVG HR down, ended up with 151 AVG 170 MAX, but only hit that twice. Something may be wrong with my HR monitor. I look at it sometimes in the middle of a run and it will read 43 or 36 or some crazy shit. Who knows, maybe I am freak of nature, or maybe this thing is a piece of crap-ola! It's a Polar F11. It doesn't stay like that, just for a few seconds maybe 15sec max. Anybody ever hear of anything like that happening? I was really glad about my run today, being as I wasn't going to go. But I was like man, you got to start bumping up your mileage, you big pussy. So I says, Johnny, git yer ass our there and make it happen. Sometimes when you get a run going, it gets better. Not this time, with this crappy as front that started blowing in this afternoon. When is winter going to be over? Got dammit.


JohnF said...

Fuego y Agua Rocks.

Mark said...

So does Chopin, you cultured swine!!!