Thursday, February 25, 2010


What does the title of this post have too do with it's contents? Not a damm thing. Had an excellent run today.

10 Miles total with a 2 mile walk home. haha

Did .5 mile warm up, followed by 9.5 miles of hard running. (the warm up was not included in the times that follow. The 1st 5 miles were 7:50 pace average, by the end I dropped back to like an 8:15 or 8:20 pace over all. The last 4.5 had the rolling hills and it got dark on me. So I'll take that. At 1 hour I was at 7.4 miles. No gels, or any crap, just water. Although, I could feel that my blood sugar was dropping somewhat towards the end. So 1 hour 19 minutes total time for the 9.5 miles. That is moving, baby!
AVG HR 159 MAX 177.
One of the most amazing things is that in less than a minute if I walk, the HR will drop 25 to 30 beats. That bodes well for pacing and interval/recovery. The 2 mile walk home was mostly because I started getting a blister on my right foot, and truthfully, I was running out of gas too.
So, another good day on the run training. Also did a few KB snatches with the 32kg bell. This weight feels heavy, so I am backing off some on my intensity and getting used to the feel of the bell. I need to hit another 2 week cycle of Viking Warrior, but this time with the 24kg bell on the 15:15 and move to the 36:36 with the 16kg bell. That should put me where I need to be for 7 minute paced miles for a half marathon. That would be nice and fast enough for now. Will work on that the 1st 2 weeks in March. I have the Nueces Trail Marathon next Saturday, I am hoping for a 4:30 time, but its a nasty course, so it will be hard to run it that fast, but I plan on laying it on the line and running till the wheels fall off. On March 20th I have a 50k in Birmingham, I plan to do the same, run till the wheels fall off. It's at Oak Mountain State Park, I have run there once, lots of good climbs, but not too steep. Will be visiting my sister out there also. Should be fun. Then a quick trip to Seaside.


Larry said...

Dude! Don't forget to put rest/easy days between all that hard shit you're doing! And, a rest day doesn't mean drinking cervezas.

johnt said...

i am trying larry. Gotta get those cervezas out, so the 15lbs will come off. You know how hard it is to run sub 8 at 190lbs and being 5'6. jeeze. trying for 175.