Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Flu Sucks

Well I had a pretty good week. Did a 405 deadlift, and a 315 squat for 3 reps. Ran some fast interval work on the treadmill. Also did some fast runs on the road. Well fast for me, right now anyway. Ran to the gym on Friday at a 8:30 pace for 3 miles. Seemed like it should have been easier. I went in and lifted a little bit of weight, but everything hurt. So I just cruised back home. I woke up saturday morning, and kind of had the chills and sore muscles. I figured I was just tired from hitting so hard all week, so I went for a run to Starbucks, 3 miles there and 3 miles back. Had an expresso. I got home just in time to sign up for Cascade Crest 100 mile, I'm like 14 on the wait list so I should get in. It filled up in 8 minutes. I want to go run with my buddy Dmitry, it's his nemesis. He has DNF twice there, much like my two DNF at Leadville.
Cascade is the weekend after Leadville, so I probably won't go to Leadville this year. I was feeling tired, and coughing up flim so I went to sleep. Had the cold sweats, and chills all day and all night. I went to the doctor today, turns out I got the flu. So I'll be working from home tomorrow. The Doc gave me some tamiflu, so hopefully that works out. Probably will have a slow week this week regarding training, but once this flu passes, I just want to maintain. I have the Austin marathon this weekend. We will see how this goes. I havent been sick like this in like 6 or more years. I got my tonsils taken out in the second grade, so I don't get sick too often. Oh well.
Well best of luck to you and your training this week. I'll try my best also.

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