Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Goals for 2011

Well it has been some time since I blogged. I dug my self a big hole since September, drinking my ass off and not doing shit. So I paced a friend for 40 miles at RR100 this weekend. It totally kicked my ass. I haven't run more than 16 miles at a stretch (maybe 4 times total) since my DNF at Leadville back in August. However, I have managed to drink a shitload of beer and gain 20lbs (now at 200). Anywho, Saturday night was a wake up call from hell. Didn't get into Barkley, Wasatch, Hardrock, or Western. One kick in the pants after another. Must be blacklisted for that video I did this summer for a Hardrock. Who, knows. Maybe it's just bad luck.
So I've been talking things over with myself, and also my buddy Bill. Got some goals laid out I'm going to post publicly, so maybe I will have some more accountability.
NOTE: when I say 3 wheels or 4 wheels, that means 3 - 45lbs plates on each side or 4 or whatever number.

So here is what I got, before I turn 34 on 16 Nov 2011:

Bench Press 3 wheels. That's 315lbs (this will be pretty easy)
Squat 4 wheels. That's 405lbs (just did 315 yesterday, this will be easy too)
Deadlift 5 wheels. That's 495 lbs. (just did 405 today, shouldn't be too bad)
Run a 5 minute mile. (This will be freakin hard)
Run a sub 6 pace 10K. (this will suck ass too)
Run a 3:10 marathon, i.e Boston Qualifier. Planning for San Antonio Marathon 13 Nov.
25 Pullups. (I can do about 15 now if I really try, maybe)
Get down to 170 - 175 lbs range in body weight. Thats 25 to 30 lbs down from now.
Drink no more that 6 beers a week. That will be down from like 30+ a week

Okay, there it is folks. Keep me honest.

Also, updated my race schedule. I haven't signed up for Leadville or Bear, but we'll see how my running goes (been having knee isssues) before I plop down the cash. I am going to try and get into Cascade Crest this weekend, Dmitry and Naresh say they are going to try to get in, and the girl I paced this weekend. So I may have to scratch on Leadville since Cascade is the following weekend.

Signed up for a Realy for Life in New Braunfels in April. Should be fun. Here is the link to my page. Going for a 100k distance in 12 hours, but really would like to bust 3 marathons. (wishful thinking)

Also, this lady down in Corpus Christi is running around the Bay, like 65 miles. It's the last weekend in March, I'm planning on this. Should be fun.

Here is my motto for the year. It's adapted from Ludwig von Mises' motto.

Tu ne cede poena, sed contra audentior ito

It means: Do not give into pain, but proceed ever more boldly against it

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Miles said...

Some lofty goals in there, but the 6-beers-a-week one is brutal! Good luck with that.