Friday, April 18, 2014

Back to Training

     The conclusion of this week will mark 3 weeks post TIR 200.  I did not do all of the things I should have to recover from the event.  I should have done some yoga, and I did not.  I did, however, go to Airrosti for 3 sessions and that helped a great deal. I've been kicking around some ideas on training to start preparing for Hardrock.  Most of these ideas would be laughed at, so I won't publish them here.  I'll just do the work, put the work in and then if the race goes well then I'll be glad. 
     I have a few niggles from the big run, but just need to stay consistent with foam rolling and stretching.  Maybe throw in some thrusters to stretch under load.  This week, on Monday, I ran a 7:50 pace 10 mile run.  I worked in quite a bit of "pickups" where I drop down to 6:30 and get some turn over a breathe heavy!  I should end up with 60 miles for the week.
     Been considering some new shoes.  For trail I picked up a pair of Nike Zoom Wildhorse.  I solicited feedback via my friends on Facebook and they sounded like a good purchase.  I'll be trying these out next week on a super rocky trail at Cibolo Creek in Selma, TX.   Of course I'll provide my own thoughts.  Nike hasn't traditionally been in this space, but I'll give them a shot.  Also I'll be running the PowerLine out by UTSA with Jason Crockett and his crew. 
     For road shoes I've been using NB 980 Fresh Foam, Brooks Pure Flow, and Sucony A5.  I have been kicking around the Sketchers Go Run3 to try out and see how they run.  Meb runs in them, so can't be terrible. 
     Really looking forward to getting back on the Versa Climber and training more with kettlebells.  Also, building bomb proof glutes. Going to head out to the Brazos Bend Trail Races next weekend.  Haven't decided on whether I'll run the 50K, but I probably shouldn't.  My buddy John Taylor will be running, so going to help him out a bit. Also help out Rob Goyen if any errands need to be run.

     Stay motivated, even if today isn't your best day.  Consistency is key!


Moogy said...

I decided to switch shoes and am going with a lesser heel-to-toe drop, on the advice of my physiotherapist (have bad sub achilles bursitis). Am going to try the NB 1600 on the road and PI N1 on the trail.
Any good advice for strengthening the glutes?

johntsharp said...

Yea man. I got lots of good stuff to do for glutes. I'll do a blog post on this in the next few days.