Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trail Toes - No Chafing No Blisters

     What anti-chafing, anti-blister product do you use today?  I'll bet you you're using Body Glide.  I know I used Body Glide from the time I started training for my first marathon in 2007 until September 2013.  It is a good product.  Then I was introduced to Trail Toes.
     Trail Toes is most comparable to a product which is no longer on the market called HydroPel. Frankly, in any wet or super humid conditions, Trail Toes is the greatest product on the market today.  This stuff protects your feet, not allowing them to absorb water under the skin, the chief cause of blisters.
     Full disclosure: The Trail Toes staff and family are close friends of mine.  We've known each other since 2008.

     I have used the Trail Toes anti chafing/blister cream for the following ultra-marathons or OCR events:

The Bear 100 - Sept 2013 (used beta product) (33:18:xx)
Texas Spartan Beast - Dec 2013  (2:43:46)
Brazil 135 - Jan 2014 (34 hours)
Neuces 50K - March 2014 (4:29:18)
Prickly Pear 50K - March 2014 (4:21:53)
Georgia Death Race 100K - March 2014 (15:02:03)
Texas Independence Relay SOLO  200 Miles - March 2014  (60 hours)

     In all of these events I have had none to very minimal blisters.  The only race where I actually did have blisters was in the 200 mile event. Those were one small blister between my big toe and index toe on each foot and one on the bottom of my right foot. After mile 80, I never changed my socks or re-applied Trail Toes Cream, so one could argue those blisters are my fault. :)
     In addition to using this product for racing, I use it on a daily basis.  Everyday I run, I use Trail Toes to prevent nipple chafing, chafing under my arms, and between my legs.  My legs are huge and so are my latissimus dorsi.  This product is welcomed in my running bag!  You can see my running resume here JOHNSHARP-ATHLINKS.
     The Trail Toes company is owned by my friend Vincent Antunez.  This company is a family owned business.  Along with his wife, they mail out every package you order from the website.  Their commitment to quality and to customer satisfaction is unparalleled.  Originally this product was only offered in the large jar which you see in the Trail Store, but based on feedback from the customers Vincent has made this product available in a variety of  different sized packaging and offerings.  These new offerings make drop bag planning for Ultra-Marathons easy!!
     I highly encourage you to give this product a try.  You'll see for yourself, this product is light years ahead of it's competition.  Use my code "Run 200s" to receive a 10% discount.  

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