Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Infinitus 888K - Log Book Notes

     Below are the notes that Gina wrote down in the log book for Infinitus 888K.  These are published here for your education and amusement.

Thursday 5/21:
Breakfast - grits, olive oil, salt, span, coffee, olives, 1 scoop of Carbo pro, and tailwind.
0808 start on top loop, in @ 10:23 out @ 10:29. Switched to 120 poles
In from bottom loop @ 1442, out on top loop 1455
Lunch: chicken noodle soup, saltines, spam, 2 scoops tailwind
In from top loop @ 1725 out @ 1737
Ate cornbread, crackers, broth, chicken noodle soup w/olive oil
1 scoop tailwind, 3 scoops carbo pro.
Completed second figure 8 @ 22:05. 2 full loops
Ate grits with butter and oil, 2 ham sandwiches (big) w/ Miracle Whip
Drank 2 PBR. In bed by 2300

Friday 5/22:
0400 wake-up. breakfast - grits, olives, drink of olive oil, 4 scoops of Carbo Pro.
0450 - left for start of 3rd figure 8 back in @ 0710
Ate PBJ with fritos, carbo pro refill, coke, mtn dew, coffee
Out for bottom of 1st figure 8 @ 0720 and back in @ 1145
Lunch: pbj w/fritos, soup, crackers, salt, oil, carbo pro, tailwind
Out at 1155 for second figure 8 and finished whole loop @1945
Ate ham sandwiched, mac & cheese, drank 2 PBR
in bed by 2100

Saturday 5/23
0345 wake-up. breakfast - grits, butter, oil, coffee, out @ 0440 for start of 5th loop.
finished top loop by 0705. ate mac & cheese, grits, coffee, coke
out @0730 and finish up 5th loop 1200
Ate grilled ham& cheese, mac&cheese, coffee coke
Left for 6th loop @ 12:20, completed top section by 1520
1525 out the door for bottom of 6th loop, and back in by 2020
ate chicken noodle soup/crackers out the door by 2025
back in from top of 7th loop @ 23:35
ate 2 cheese brugers w/ tons of Miracle Whip, pasta salad. 62.5 miles this day
In bed by 0000  , maybe had 1 PBR can't remember.

Sunday 5/24
tossed and turn didn't sleep for shit
up at 0415 - breakfast grits, PBJ sammich
out the door 0510 and back from bottom of 7th @ 0955
ate grilled cheese, burger, chips
out for top of 8th loop @ 1010 and back to lodge @ 1300
out for bottom of 8th @ 1325, and back to lodge @ 1900
ate chicken noodle soup
out for top of 9th loop @ 1915 and back @ 2230
ate ham sandwich, turkey sandwich, and drank 2 PBR
in bed by 2315 or so i am guessing

Monday 5/25
0430 wake up. breakfast - grits, coffee, coke
out for bottom of 9th @ 0510, back at 1015
ate cheese burger, grilled cheese, coffee, coke, out for top of 10 @ 1055
back from top of 10th loop @1340
ate turkey sandwich w/advocado, mac & cheese.
out for bottom of 10th @ 1400, back by 1930
ate grill cheese, mac & cheese, and chicken noodle soup.
out for top of 11 @ 2010, back @2330
ate 3 cheese burgers and drank 2 PBR.
Feet started hurting like a MF'er here cause of swelling in shoes.
Also had bad quad strain in the vastus medialis
would have been asleep by 0015 or so here, maybe later
slept on floor of lodge for about 1.5 hours, moved to camper later

Tuesday 5/26
0800 wakeup, feet pretty painful here and the log is no longer maintained.
ate grits, coffee, out the door by 0900, I think i did this lap with Joel in 6:30, the bottom of the 11th.

First 10.5 loops went to plan.  For the most part. Due to excruciating foot pain due to swelling and not having bigger shoes, I didn't discipline myself to get up at the proper time on the 26th, so I'm now 4 hours behind for the day.  The loops continued to be slow as shit.  I am not sure if I bummed shoes late this afternoon of the 26th or if it was on the 27th, which was day 7. Either way, I think I ended with 15.5 loops. So 403 miles or thereabouts.As you can see, my plan was to ensure that I slept at least 4 hours per night or more.  To complete 2 loops per day, and find two days, not back to back to do 2.5 loops. With rest the most important aspect of my plan. Sleep hours each night were around 5, 6:45, 2, 5, and 7 hours.  I wanted to have my sleep time during my regular times of sleep which ranges from typically 2300 to 0500. This was my first time attempting a multii-day and I was derailed by what I consider a rookie mistake of not having a larger sized shoe.  The swelling really did a number on me. Hopefully this information can help you plan your daily day to day. See you next year.

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