Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wait For Eight

During the long march of the Infinitus 888K, I spoke with Big Will numerous times and one time I mentioned that maybe when this bullshit is all over, I will write some poems.  So here is one that summarizes my experience.

At eight 'o eight, from BBH we originate
Our plan consummate, no pain we contemplate
Around the figure eight we oscillate
Underfoot ground rolls, flows, and undulates

Green Mountain State, mosquitos don't abate
Our efforts Nature's gamut renumerates
Sleep we prorate, never satiate
Feet carrying freight, changing gait they grate

Many days amalgamate, each loop of the figure eight
Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate, never capitulate
Our fate awaits, the outcome au fait
With our mates, no longer blate, time infinite

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