Thursday, August 7, 2008

Aug 7

Just checkin in. I have been trying to get into the habit of doing a blog post every day, but sometimes I am just not motivated to write. I havent run since Monday. I think the heat kicked me in the pants on Monday. Additionally, the back of my left knee was hurting and my right hip and right knee on the outside were bothering me. I am planning on heading back to San Antonio on Friday. So I think I will take off till then and then hit up 60 or so miles on the bike, and if I feel froggy I may try to hit 15 or 20 miles running. Or maybe I won't, who knows. Thats the plan though. I have been working on a training schedule to prepare for Cactus Rose. If I stick to it pretty well, I think I will have a good 100 miler or at least I will be better off than if I never started. Thats the thing that matters. Starting, getting off of the couch or pushing away from the bar. A friend of mine said after the Bighorn 100 that maybe the event was more like a pebble thrown into a pond, as opposed to some kind of divine whatever. I think he was right. The run was the pebble thrown into this pond of my life. The ripples are still moving out from center. How will others and myself be affected? I dont know that answer. Time may tell it.

Have you ever heard about the mobile theory? This is an allegory. In a childs crib usually there will be a mobile with little horses or some type of animals hanging from a string that spin in a circle while some melody plays. If you displace one of the little hanging animals, the mobile becomes out of balance and the other animals in the mobile try to put the other back into its place. Its a pretty good representation of what happens to a person in life when they try to make changes. Others are trying to put you back into the place they expect you to be, because its uncomfortable for them. But, I think that one of the things this theory did not address, (maybe because I dont know the whole story) is about the person who is making the change. Sometimes when making a change, even if its for the positive, its uncomfortable. Some what like Plato's allegory of the Cave. In one sense you understand everything around you, i.e. the shadows on the wall, and as you move to the door its very frightening so you move back to what is comfortable. More to follow on that thought ...

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