Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pretty Good Weekend

Wow, I finally downloaded IE7 and now my freakin blogger will load. I kinda quit doing a blog b/c the freakin thing too for ever to load. Not so anymore. Bout time.

Well two of my running buddies finished their 1st 100 miler up in Kansas. Ryan ( and Thomas. These dudes kick ass!

Congrats for them and the best part is, they still have time to sign up for the Western States lottery. I am callin them out, sign up dammit.

As for me. Humm. Chilin like a villian. Went to Bandera ( about 10 miles on Saturday with my friend Cheri. She is going for her 1st 100 miler on Oct. 31 @ Cactus Rose. Whooo, Hoooo! I am going to pace her on loop 3. Looking forward to it. I left about 11 and went over to Enchanted Rock.

Enchanted Rock was fun. I did some hill repeats in the Vibram Treks. i.e. Rock Eaters. And it was a blast. What a great place to learn how to run up and downhill. Real steep grades, good footing. Ran from the top of the rock to the latrines, 3.5 minutes. I love it. I will be back.

My sister is also in town for the week. Its been fun to catch up. We went to the Symphony on Sat. night. 1st time I have been but it was pretty fun so I will most likely go back again.

I ran 9 miles in the Treks on Thursday. My lower leg, the part below the calf is taking a beating right now, but its a good kinda whippin.

Been reading books from the Ludwig von Mises Institute Currently working on Epistemological Problems of Economics by Ludwig von Mises. Great read so far.

Have decided after 5 years of political limbo that I am, in fact, a Libertarian. Pretty liberating. I get a daily email from the Campaign for Liberty. If you are tired of being manipulated by the douches, give these folks a look.

Ron Paul is the man! This guy is a tireless defender of Freedom and Liberty. Ron Paul 2012.

This website has some kick ass T shirts: and so does this one:

Recently read: End the Fed by Ron Paul. Great book. It should be required reading to get outta douchebagdom.

Thats all for now!

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Ryan V. said...

Dude, thanks for the shout. 100 mile runs are loco!