Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ditty Mao

What is ditty mao? It means hurry up in Vietnamese.

I went for Vietnamese food on Saturday night. I was kinda forced into after packing race packets for Cactus Rose. It was really good. Not like those Chinese food places that make you wanta puke.

Earlier in the day on Saturday, I ran the Frankenthon Marathon. I think it was my slowest marathon to date. 5hr15min. But who gives a shit. I had fun. Ran the first 18 miles in the Vibram Treks. Then had to bum a pair of shoes from Jeff, because my freakin feet were killing me. Thanks, Jethro. Got to hang out with my buddy Mark and his family for a bit. His son Gavin is a pretty cool dude!

I was trying to keep my heart rate in a certain zone, under 150bpm. Did well, had great energy. I didn't take any food or gels or anything besides salt and water. I walked from mile 18 to 21 because my feet hurt and I need to get used to the shoes I borrowed. Most of the race was on concrete. Oooh, that sucks. The last 5 miles i ran at about 160bpm. Nice. Felt great the whole time, stable solid energy levels.

Afterward, Cheri busted out the pigs-in-da-blanket. Umm, Umm, Good! I even gave some chick a calf massage at mile 23. Yea, I'm a playa! hahah.

Went to NXNW for the Ocktober fest deal they were having. Hung out with Naresh (i.e. Tonto) and Jeff and Cheri. We had a good time. I think Jeff is gonna put the smack down on me for choke slammin his dog. Not a mean choke slam, an instructional choke slam. Oh yea, the girls were dressed up like little Bavarian girlies. Oooh, it just did it for me. Nice little cute out fits. Eye Candy!

Sunday was pretty tame, went riding the Harley with Bill. Went to the old tunnel where the bats live. Had some beers. Saw some fat school teacher biker chicks that pissed me off. Ran about 90mph back down I-10 and lost my do rag. Dammit.

Hooters sucked today. Got there about 2:30. They had the C team workin. Jeeze. Where's my ladies. Ahhh! Dammit.

Peace out.

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