Thursday, September 24, 2015

Training into the 2016 Season - Year 3

     I'm going into my year three of serious running training. While it's true that I'm going into my 9th year of running, the first 6 I didn't really train much. My training years run from Sept to Sept.  It just worked out that I started running in Sept of 2007.  And, the mountain running season is during the summer so by Sept/Oct all the big mountain hundos are over.
      In the 2013-2014 running year I ran about 2300 miles give or take, and the 2014-2015 season I ran about 3200 give or take. This past year was a breakout year into the multi-day world and I had numerous 100 mile plus training weeks. So where am I going from here?
      For 2016 I really only have one priority and that is completing the Nolan's 14 line. Of course I will be putting in for Hardrock and Ronda dels Cims is on the table.  And I'll sign up for The Bear 100.  The Bear sign up is in case of no Hardrock or Ronda, I'll still need to keep a qualifier for the Hardrock lottery in 2017. 
      I was able to speak with a few pretty awesome running coaches this year and 3 things are evident.
1. I've got a huge aerobic base
2. I don't do any LT training.
3. My downhill running sucks.

     Doing my own research for myself and for my own clients I found some interesting information that I'll generalize here.  SkiMo, Rowers, and Cyclists train about 25 hours a week and generally have the highest Vo2 MAX. Runners train about 15 hours a week. How much time is spent in what zone etc.??  I didn't look to hard for that.  However, I'm firmly convinced that one needs to train for a long time and very consistently to cause significant eccentric growth of the left ventricle. And the majority of that time needs to be 80% or less max HR.  Based on this, I'm working this mix until Januarary.
     Since I've got as much time as I need during the week/weekend being young, sexy, single, and all I can train up to 25 to 30 hours per week.  However, I don't want to spend all that time running because I want to limit my running time to around 8 to 9 hours or 50 to 60 miles a week for now, until January.  To make up the difference in "cardio hours" I'll be using the Versa Climber, Incline Treadmill walking, AirDyne bike riding, Cycling, Indoor Rowing, and hopefully some skulling on the lake in Austin. 
     On Running, Tuesday will be 300M downhill repeats. Thursday will be 800 to 1600 M repeats. Saturday will be local 5K or 10K.  W/F/Su will be runs under 80% max HR varying from 5 to 15 miles or so. The Tu/Th/Sa runs are way intense up to 165 to 180 BPM. The downhill repeats are for turnover!
     I've been trailing riding my bike to work and that is not so bad.  I can get about 1 hour per day pretty easily.  The VersaClimber is fun and 3K a day is a great goal but can go to 5K. The Concept2 is a bit boring but you can get a great workout at 5K or hopefully 10K a day.  A caveat on the Concept2 and AirDyne is the upper body training you get out of it.  Most every account I read in Milroy's "Training for Ultraunning" regarding multi-day is the need for upper body strength. On the Treadmill to keep my climbing efficiency, I'll be working up to 40% grade with 40lbs vest and prob create some various protocols that keep you engaged. The extra cycling and lake rowing I hope to do on the weekends which will encourage me to get out of the house and go see the world even more!
     Of course this is my general plan. One still needs to do a bit of core work and foam rolling etc.. I'll be logging this training pretty well and hope to repeat quite a few of these workouts each week so there is objective data come January.  With this and a great diet, I should really see some step increases in performance over last year.  I'll state it now, I want to run under 30 hours at Hardrock if I get in.  So that is what I'll be working on.  The type of fitness that is required for my Hardrock goal will be the same that I'll need for Nolan's 14. 
     This is what is on my mind for training, what plans do you have?

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Steve Pero said...

John, change that 80% to 70% and you have a great plan, nothing that I could handle, mind you...check out Matt Fitzgerald's book 80/20 running, it's awesome. This will give you the recovery you need to be able to do the hard work.
Congrats on getting high on the Hardrock wait list!