Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Class of 1996

We had our 15 year class reunion over the weekend. Coming from a small town, these are usually a pretty cool thing to go to, because you kinda know everybody. Figured I write up a little something to commemorate the event. Maybe you like it, maybe you dont:

Can you believe we're here
We've faced fears, cried tears
We drank a few beers
Through these years

Our hearts soften, those jeers of yesteryear
Listening intently do we hear, a cheer
Through these years

The good times, we'll hold dear
But our loved ones, we'll hold near
Through these years


Alexa said...

It sounds great!

T Can said...

Very nice J, good to see you pal!

T Can said...

Very Nice J, good to see you pal!