Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Weekend

Went up to Southlake (north Ft. Worth) over the weekend. Actually left on Thursday night.
My boss works out of our Southlake office, plus it's a rather large office with quite a few employees. We have a corporate gym there with 2 trainers on staff. Since I'll probably be up there once a month, I went ahead and joined the gym. It's like 15$ a month, so shouldn't hurt the pocket book to bad. haha I took some of my Pavel training videos up there for them. Some professional development. Since I've been hitting iron for like 22 years and thought that Pavel knows what he was talking about, I figured they might get some use out of them. I hope I get them back though, they are about 40$ a piece.

Did an interval speed workout on the treadmill on Friday morning about 4 miles, and BS'd with the trainers a bit. They are pretty knowledgeable and fun to hang out with. Also did some deep front squats to help keep my hips flexible and loosened up. On Friday afternoon, I did a faster interval workout on the TM, where I went .5 miles at 8 min pace and .5 at 7 min pace, or something like that. Ended up with a 45 minute 10K. Not bad, getting some turn over.

Later on Friday, I went over to the 24Hour Fitness in Southlake to meet my buddy Bill. He was planning on doing some heavy deadlifts. I walk in and he's pulling 405 for 4 reps. So I was like man, that looks like fun!! I never lift with a belt, but I've pulled 385 plenty of times in the last 2 months, so I borrowed his belt, and pulled 405 for 2 reps. hhaha

Saturday was good, got to catch up with my buddy Rick and his two brothers. These boys are crazy. We always going skiing together every year and have a good time. Checked out where Bill is building his motorcycle at. Good shop, good folks down there. Later, I went over to McKinney to attend my step-mom's retirement get together. It was real nice, over at Rick's Chophouse in old downtown McKinney. Was able to BS some and spend a some time with my little sister. She is awesome and is making her way out there in life with fabulous success. After that, went dancing at Cowboys Arlington. Meet some friends out there, some lovely Louisiana girls. Spent all night dancing the two step! I used to do this all the time, but in the last 3 or so years I've not gone very much. So it was a real treat for me. Only had 1 beer, if you can believe that. Drank a ton of water though, b/c I was sweating like crazy!

Woke up early on Sunday, and went to church with Bill. He's into that quite a bit, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to go check it out. They had a good message. The message was, Ask God to change your heart, not your behavior. Pretty good.

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