Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Updates

Got in about 55 miles last week, post San Juan Solstice. Not bad coming off a 100 mile week. Started on Wednesday, need a few days rest cause quads were still a little sore. My typical minimum run is 6 to 8 miles. So I felt those 8 on Wednesday. Did some other stuff through the week. Had a nice 10 up in Keller, TX on Sat. Ran 18 on Sunday. I am liking 2 a day workouts. 6 to 8 in the morning, and 6 to eight in the evening.

Went up to DFW over the weekend. Hung out with my buddy Bill as he was working on his motorcycle. Pretty rockin, custom bike. He's trying to get it ready for Sturgis this year. Also did some dancing with friends on Friday.

Love the new car. G37 Sport Coupe. Runs like a dream, drives like a dream!

Stopped through Austin on Sunday. Had lunch with Wade and JoAnna. Good folks. Finally down to 175lbs. I'm looking pretty lean now, finally. Going for 8 more, to get under 170. My weight in the Army (18 to 22 y/o) was always between 170 and 174. At 168, I should be able to run pretty good. It's getting way easier already, now that I'm 20lbs lighter. Need to get some iron in, help hold the muscle. Going to throw in a protein shake every night about 1 AM. That should do the trick and lean me out real nice over the next two weeks. I've got Tahoe 100 coming up and I would like to be 170 for this race. Shooting for sub-30 hours in a mountain 100 that has 22k of gain. Sub-24 would be awesome, but prob not at this point.

I'm on day 16 of alcohol freedom. That's a major step for me. Been 12 years since I did that. Only because we were deployed to Saudi in summer of '99 and you can't have alcohol there. My goal is 21 days, so I have to make it Sunday this week. It's not so bad once you give it up. It's not like you're really giving anything up, it's more like getting more. More out of life.

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olga said...

Proud of you. You kinda surprise me, keep it coming, prove me bad, kick my booty.