Friday, June 3, 2011

May Training Updates

Didn't post much in May. So what.

The Month started off slow, but did R2R2R so that was cool.

Started training seriously on the 13th of May. Was working out of our Southlake office at work. They have a corporate gym there with trainers on staff. I don't use trainers. I've been pumping iron for 22 years, and run 100 mile races. I'm not sure exactly what they would be able to teach me. Maybe something I guess. Most times, when I'm motivated, it's internal motivation so I'm not looking for accountability or to have someone cheer me on or yell at me.

Started cleaning up my diet, and working out up to 5 times a day, 3 weight workouts, 2 runs. Not every day with 5 workouts, but everyday I have done something. Averaging about 10 to 13 miles a day running. Half-marathon a day will keep the doctor away!!

All that running gives you time for some introspection, so I've been doing some of that. Probably will write up a story about it in the coming weeks.

Going to start a 7 day hemp powder shake and fruit and vegetable diet on Sunday. See how that works. I was able to put on my jeans today and feel comfortable, w/o to much dunlap disease. Really hoping to get to 175 by end of June and under 170 by mid July. Haven't been that light since '98. Should be a running machine at 165 being as how I've been running at 185 to 195 for the last 4 years.

So. I'm pretty motivated right now, I hope it lasts.

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