Sunday, September 7, 2008

5/6/7 Sept Workouts

5/6/7 Sept Workouts

5 - Sept:

Ran to the gym 3 miles
Dumbell work:
4 X 25R @ 25lbs curls
4x 20R @25 lbs front/side lateral raises
4x30R @ 30 lbs shrugs
3X20R @ 25lbs tricep extensions
200 V-ups
200 crunches
4x30R @ 30lbs Stiff-leg deadlifts
4X30R @45lbs bench press
4X50R @65lbs leg curls
4x50R @65lbs leg extensions
4x5 R pullups
Ran home from gym 3 miles

6 sept: HCTR summer social, great event, great folks. No workout

7 sept:

24 miles on the road, ran 15 with the girls from my running group.
10 miles trails at govt canyon SNA.

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Curtis said...

your gym workout is hardcore. Time for me to pump up my mileage if I'm going to have a shot at catching up with you on the trails.