Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 1, 100 Something Left to Go

Well I guess I can officially call today, Day 1 of my training for Hardrock 100.

I ran with the Ladies on Schertz Parkway this morning. A slow 5 miles.

My training area today was an open field near my neighborhood just off of I-35 in Selma. The field is about a 1/2 mile loop.

After work I started my training:

1 mile pulling a weighted sled with 80lbs (2 loops)
1/2 mile with a 125lbs. (1 loop)
The loop is oblong so on the long parts I did forward walking and backward walking and on the shorter ends I did sideways walking.

I did 4 loops with my 26lbs Bulgarian Training Bag on my shoulders at a slow jog. At the end of each loop I did 40 bag swings. About 40 of the total swings were walking swings which are totally a real ass kicker.

I did 1 loop with a pair of 35lbs kettlebells in each hand. This is called the Farmer's Walk.

It really sucked, but hey thats part of it.

Not sure whats going to be going on for tomorrow, but I am sure it will be a real sonofa ...

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your training. Get strong

I reckon, this is the only way to hit the gold at silverton. Cant wait to cya kiss the rock out there.