Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mowing the Yard and such things ...

If anyone wants to read about a real life bad ass! Then click on the link below. This guy ran 203 freakin miles. If you need to be inspired, read this and discover what is possible.

Yea, okay, homeowners association. I finally mowed my yard so quit sending me those letters.
Really, I haven't mowed my yard since August or so. I don't really remember when the last time I mowed it. We have not had any rain since then so I figured, "Why should I mow, the grass isn't growing?"
Looks pretty good once you mow it and I was able to take down those weed trees I had growing.
I actually did a little workout today against my own will, or with my own will, if I am not careful someone will be reading my will. My sister gets everything, so don't ask.

Here was the workout:
4 sets X 20 reps @ 165lbs deadlifts
4 sets X 10 reps @ 35lbs alternating military press kettlebells. (10 each arm)
4sets X 10 reps on the ab wheel
4sets X 10 Reps @ 55lbs one arm dead lift with long bar (both sides)
1 set X 10 Reps @ 70lbs kettlebells swings (10 each arm)
3 sets X 15 Reps @ 52lbs kettlebell swings (15 each arm)
2 sets X 10 Reps @ 26 lbs bag swings (10 each direction)
2 sets X 10 Reps @ 37 lbs bag swings (10 each direction)
3 sets X 10 Reps @ 5lbs indian club swings (10 each arm)
1 sets X 10 Reps @ 8 lbs indian club swings (10each arm)
Also some stretching. Umm, its good for you.

And here are some pictures of my Home Gym that is actually pretty portable.

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Anonymous said...

Bro, can you move after doing all these? Darn painful.

hve fun,