Friday, October 10, 2008

10 Oct 2008

Another good day. Laughed my ass off at work all day! I did some work too. haha

8.5 mile run to the gym.

Tried to do my leg work out, no dice. These stumps hurt like hell.

So I just did:
120 crunches
90 V-ups
3x30 Reps @ 45lbs dumbells bench press.
3x20 Reps @ 20lbs shoulder raises, front and side
3x15 Reps @ 25 lbs tricep extensions.

3 mile run home.

Fixing to go to bed. Planning on getting up at 0230 and run to Breckenridge Park here in San Antonio for the Alzheimer's Memory walk. Going to meet my friend Janice down there about 0730. I think its about 20 miles, so no later than 0330 leave time for me.

After that, planning on riding the motorcycle up to Johnson City for the Hog Roast/ Biker Ralley. Some kinda fund raiser, where after the gate fee, its free beer and free pork.

Good thing I am not Jewish, Because I love pork. haha

Oh yea, some stuff I ordered on line from Hammer came in. I ordered some bars, some heed, some gels, two gel flasks, a cycling cap, and a sleeveless tech shirt. I got the cylcling cap because I wanted to shade my bald head. haha I look like a dork. hhaha

The sleevless shirt lets me show off my "16in GUNS" "I dont need tickets for this GUN show" and my tattoo. I plan on getting another one on my left shoulder soon. So one on each shoulder. Pimpin it. hahaha

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