Monday, October 6, 2008

6 Oct 2008

Had a Great Day!

Ran 3 miles to the gym.

2 x 30 reps squats @ 135lbs. wide, medium, narrow stance 10 each
1x15 reps squats @ 185 lbs 3 different stances. 5 each

1x10 reps each leg lunge squats @ 135 lbs
1x5 reps each leg lunge squats @ 185 lbs these lunge squats really hit the hamstrings and glutes where they tie together at the back of the top of the leg. Great for hill running.

2 x 15 reps deadlifts with 145lbs, use 2 25lbs plates on each side, so you get real deep.

3 x 5 reps pullups

1x 20 reps cable rows @ 85lbs

3 X 40ish reps @ 50 and 65 lbs leg extensions do themfor 1 minute, practice breathing on these

2x 40ish reps @ 50lbs leg curls

went through a stretching routine for 30 minutes

4 X 10 reps leg lifts really hits the hip flexors

8 mile run home with intervals

If I keep this up, I should be strong for Cactus rose on 1Nov.

Wish me luck.

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