Monday, October 6, 2008

Oct. 4/5

I had fun at the trail twister 60K. This is a photo of my friend Mark and I after the finish.
We have run a few races together and we always finish real close to each other, but never see each other out on the course. Odd, I think.
Did the 60K in 7:32 minutes or so. I had a rough patch about mile 21 to 25 but made it through. I went out to fast, but I had the best view on the whole course for 17 miles. No way I was gonna slow down. After the rough patch I decided I should try to run my race, not someone elses race, and ended up with a strong finish. Afterwards, Mark and I jumped in the lake to cool off.
This race was a trial run to see how it would be to ride my motorcycle to a race and camp. We the motorcycle bit and the camping bit went great. So in Two weeks I will ride up to Amarillo and run the 50 miler up there. This race will be a real hoot. Tons of folks will be there so I am already getting excited. Also my best friend Bill and his wife are coming up to camp and hang out, so whoo hooo!
On Sunday, I ran to the gym 3 miles and did about half my workout routine with a little less weight, then ran home 3 miles.
My plan this week is to work the squats and deadlifts and stretch. I will be running to the gym and back, which i can make a 6 mile or 10 mile. So I will have a chance to be on my feet.
On Saturday, a friend of mine is participating in an Alzheimer's fundraising walk in Breckinridge Park. I will run down there and then do the walk. Its about 20 miles from my house and is also the start of the San Antonio Marathon on the 16th of November. I will see how long it takes to get down there from my house so I will know. My plan to to run the start of the marathon and run it, then run home for about 62 miles. Its my birthday, so 2 miles for each year old I am and a nice 100k. We will see!!


Curtis said...

I'm sad to have missed it. I injured myself in training for MMA. This year I plan to run only a few ultras as I'm trying to beef up for fights. I think I'll run the sunmart and might try the Bandera 100k

marflu said...

Howdy John,
I finished the 60K right about the same time you did. Nice to meet you. You ran a great race.
Mark Flusche, College Station, TX

Moogy said...

Congrats dude. You are running great. Hope to seya out on the trails somewhere!

Mark said...

Good to see you last weekend bro. Maybe we'll finish minutes apart again at San Antonio