Sunday, October 12, 2008

11 Oct 2008

I woke up about 0300 this morning and got ready to run down to Brekinridge Park here in San Antonio.

I thought that it would be about 20 miles, but it turned out that it was only 15 miles. I arrived about an hour early for the Alzehimer's walk. As I turned into the park, Team in Training was leaving for thier 18 miler. So I just fell in behind them and ran for another hour. Ended up running 20 miles today. As I was going back into the park for the second time my friend Janice pulls up along side me in her car, with family in tow, and says hey what are you doing? I hung out at the walk till about 0900 and called my friend Bill to come and pick me up. I met him at the Whitte Museum. He took me home and then we took off on our motorcycles and headed up to Johnson City for the pig roast/biker rally/ fundraiser. I hate biker rallys.

When we go to Johnson City, named after president Johnson, there was a big stretched dually limo filled with bachelorette girls. They were all dressed in stripper boots and wigs. They were from Austin. I was like, "Hey Bill, here comes the circus!" I chatted with them a minute and they were looking for a stripper, so I was like, Hey I'll do it!!!

The took some pictures sitting on our bikes and I took my shirt off and they took some pictures of that too. Good thing I ran that 20 miles this morning, I was looking pretty lean.

I told the bride to be, if it doesnt work out, then I live in Selma so come by and see me! haha

I looked at bill and says, "Well, we better just go on home because it aint gonna get any better than this!" He agreed.

Went made it over to the pig roast, and stayed there till about 5 pm. We left there and headed over to Lukenbach and had some fried potatoes and pulled pork sandwich. From there we stopped in Sisterdale, in a little roadside bar that was like the ones back home and played a few songs on the jukebox and had some beers.

Got back to San Antiono about 9PM.

All in all, everybody made it home safe, so it was a good day.

In the last 7 days, i added it up, I ran 96 miles. No freakin wonder my knees hurt.

I am taking Sunday off. Off to Hooters for some beers and some football viewing and lunch. Then I am going to put together some stuff for Goodwill and do some cleaning.

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