Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekly Update

It all started last Sunday June 1st. I helped out at one of the races for the Rogue Trail Series called the The Loop. On the way back from Austin, as the temperature reading in my truck showed 97 degrees, I decided I would go for a run once I got home. I did a nice little 12 mile run @ 3pm in the afternoon. NICE! I was sweating my ass off. Good thing I have lotsa ass. I did 8 on monday, 4 on tuesday and 6 miles on wendsday. All in the afternoon heat. 97 degrees plus. On Friday I went out to Bandera and meet up with some of the trail series folks. I pull up about 8PM and reach for a beer from the cooler and Joe says, "Hey man were leaving for a night run in about an hour, you may wanta put that beer back in the cooler." Dammit! I havent run at night before on trails so I figured I had better go. 12 Miles on friday night. Then about 630 in the morning i get a knock on the window of my truck. Hey man, wake up were about to head out for a run. What, i just freakin went to sleep, I dont wanna get up. No such luck. I jacked around for a while and finally left about 8am, about an hour after everyone else left. But not before a nice lady named Mindy made me some coffee. I ran mostly by myself. I am learning that I dont really like to run with anybody.