Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goals for 2012

These were my goals for 2011, FYI - I didn't meet any of them:

So here is what I got, before I turn 34 on 16 Nov 2011:

Bench Press 3 wheels. That's 315lbs (this will be pretty easy)
Squat 4 wheels. That's 405lbs (just did 315 yesterday, this will be easy too)
Deadlift 5 wheels. That's 495 lbs. (just did 405 today, shouldn't be too bad)
Run a 5 minute mile. (This will be freakin hard)
Run a sub 6 pace 10K. (this will suck ass too)
Run a 3:10 marathon, i.e Boston Qualifier. Planning for San Antonio Marathon 13 Nov.
25 Pullups. (I can do about 15 now if I really try, maybe)
Get down to 170 - 175 lbs range in body weight. Thats 25 to 30 lbs down from now.
Drink no more that 6 beers a week. That will be down from like 30+ a week

So we'll just try these again in 2012.

Monday, January 30, 2012

BadAss Half-Marathon

So I ran a 6:47 pace at the 3M half marathon in Austin yesterday. 1:28:52.

That officially puts me in BMF status.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ode To Adipose

It's not you,
It's the adipose I loathe
Slim and lean,
Without adipose, Whom I betroth
Under your skin, a growth
However slightly of adipose
Smoothly rounding, skin glowed
Subcutaneous adipose
Later, above your knees
Cottage cheese I did see
Adipose around your waist,
Adipose in your face,
My favor displaced
Adipose in your wrists
Can you even make a fist
Baby, It's the adipose I loathe