Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What is Ultrarunning to You?

     This post is really a "call for comments" and maybe a bit more.  Some of us have been running/ultrarunning for 10 years, some for 5 and some for 20 or more.  What is enough?  Is 5K enough?  If you've run 100 miles numerous times, is that enough?  What is the next thing?  After 7 or 8 years do you, or have you thought, "Man WTF am I doing? Why am I still doing this?" 
     You got some runners that 5k is enough and they do them for 20 years, and thats just fine. Maybe they jump into a marathon or half from time to time.  Then you got some folks who run around for 6 days or 200 miles or walking for 100K etc...  It seems that there is no satiation to their quest of achievements.  Some folks take up the "next challenge" because it it truly challenging, and sometimes it's because everyone else has done it, so I want this on my bucket list. 
     Then there are folks who try to court sponsorship claiming that because of X,Y,Z factors, they are the most awesome and they have this story.  Whether it's contrived or not, I will leave it up to the reader to interpret.  Still others just go about their bad ass achievements and they aren't seeking any limelight.  They just deliver, and everyone else can stand there, agape.
     Where do you want your running to take you? To what end and for what purpose?  Is running the end you seek, or some other end?  Can you achieve them with out the fan fare and hoopla?  Does anyone even give two shits?