Sunday, February 24, 2013

Camaraderie's Ode

Some write post race reports, here is my thoughts on the time spent on Ometepe at Fuego y Agua:

Camaraderie's Ode

For glory we seek
An island we meet
Hopes and dreams, fulfill
Display the human will

Erstwhile imperious, forthwith conspiring
Inspired, inspiring, hearts desiring
Each cohort to another
Becoming sister and brother

Intrepid marching we began
Through mud, through dirt, through sand
Volcanoes climbed, scarcely marking time
Dispositions sublime, others benign

Some stumble, some fall
Together facing all
Trouble here, here, and here
Lend an ear, hear my fear

Treachery known, together grown
Champion's seeds, now sown
Looking right, looking left
Nay of friends, bereft

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Team Tona 2013: Necesito

Team Tona's fool proof plan to complete/survive Fuego y Agua:

Race Prep:
1. Passport & ticket
2. cash
3. loud voice
4. cash
5. avoid over training

Pre Race:
1. Beer
2. motorcycles
3. make friends
4. ojo de agua
5. talk shit

During Race:
1. chips & coke
2. hard candy
3. salt
4. wet wipes
5. flor de cana

Post Race:
1. Pizza
2. flippy-floppies
3. beer
4. cheer on friends
5. talk shit

Team Tona - Tested & Approved!