Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Updates

Got in about 55 miles last week, post San Juan Solstice. Not bad coming off a 100 mile week. Started on Wednesday, need a few days rest cause quads were still a little sore. My typical minimum run is 6 to 8 miles. So I felt those 8 on Wednesday. Did some other stuff through the week. Had a nice 10 up in Keller, TX on Sat. Ran 18 on Sunday. I am liking 2 a day workouts. 6 to 8 in the morning, and 6 to eight in the evening.

Went up to DFW over the weekend. Hung out with my buddy Bill as he was working on his motorcycle. Pretty rockin, custom bike. He's trying to get it ready for Sturgis this year. Also did some dancing with friends on Friday.

Love the new car. G37 Sport Coupe. Runs like a dream, drives like a dream!

Stopped through Austin on Sunday. Had lunch with Wade and JoAnna. Good folks. Finally down to 175lbs. I'm looking pretty lean now, finally. Going for 8 more, to get under 170. My weight in the Army (18 to 22 y/o) was always between 170 and 174. At 168, I should be able to run pretty good. It's getting way easier already, now that I'm 20lbs lighter. Need to get some iron in, help hold the muscle. Going to throw in a protein shake every night about 1 AM. That should do the trick and lean me out real nice over the next two weeks. I've got Tahoe 100 coming up and I would like to be 170 for this race. Shooting for sub-30 hours in a mountain 100 that has 22k of gain. Sub-24 would be awesome, but prob not at this point.

I'm on day 16 of alcohol freedom. That's a major step for me. Been 12 years since I did that. Only because we were deployed to Saudi in summer of '99 and you can't have alcohol there. My goal is 21 days, so I have to make it Sunday this week. It's not so bad once you give it up. It's not like you're really giving anything up, it's more like getting more. More out of life.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

San Juan Solstice 50M

Went up to Colorado. Lake City exactly. I love the San Juan mountains, so back in Jan or Feb when the race opened up, I signed up again. I DNF out here last year. Since I didn't get into Hardrock, this will probably be the only time this year that I will be in the San Juans so I think I made the most of it.

Six weeks ago I barely made it out of the Grand Canyon on our R2R2R adventure. May 6th. I was not training and was drinking a whole bunch.
On Saturday, I ran a 13:29:40. I got there the day before the race. Took it slow the first 22 miles, feeling things out. Ate Zone bars and shot blocks and drank water, had about 20 S-Caps.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with my performance. Took it steady till mile 22 aid station, then started to pick up steam. From there till the end, I ran all sections that were not the actual 2 remaining climbs. Ran on the divide, the whole way. Running at 12,000 feet will make your heart beat. Passed about 20 people in the last 10 mile section, was running the downhills about 7 minute pace or faster. Pretty good since I started training on May 13th. I was alcohol free for 6 days leading up to the race. I'm at 10 days now. Also at 180lbs, down from 195 when we were at the Grand Canyon.

That is all!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Weekend

Went up to Southlake (north Ft. Worth) over the weekend. Actually left on Thursday night.
My boss works out of our Southlake office, plus it's a rather large office with quite a few employees. We have a corporate gym there with 2 trainers on staff. Since I'll probably be up there once a month, I went ahead and joined the gym. It's like 15$ a month, so shouldn't hurt the pocket book to bad. haha I took some of my Pavel training videos up there for them. Some professional development. Since I've been hitting iron for like 22 years and thought that Pavel knows what he was talking about, I figured they might get some use out of them. I hope I get them back though, they are about 40$ a piece.

Did an interval speed workout on the treadmill on Friday morning about 4 miles, and BS'd with the trainers a bit. They are pretty knowledgeable and fun to hang out with. Also did some deep front squats to help keep my hips flexible and loosened up. On Friday afternoon, I did a faster interval workout on the TM, where I went .5 miles at 8 min pace and .5 at 7 min pace, or something like that. Ended up with a 45 minute 10K. Not bad, getting some turn over.

Later on Friday, I went over to the 24Hour Fitness in Southlake to meet my buddy Bill. He was planning on doing some heavy deadlifts. I walk in and he's pulling 405 for 4 reps. So I was like man, that looks like fun!! I never lift with a belt, but I've pulled 385 plenty of times in the last 2 months, so I borrowed his belt, and pulled 405 for 2 reps. hhaha

Saturday was good, got to catch up with my buddy Rick and his two brothers. These boys are crazy. We always going skiing together every year and have a good time. Checked out where Bill is building his motorcycle at. Good shop, good folks down there. Later, I went over to McKinney to attend my step-mom's retirement get together. It was real nice, over at Rick's Chophouse in old downtown McKinney. Was able to BS some and spend a some time with my little sister. She is awesome and is making her way out there in life with fabulous success. After that, went dancing at Cowboys Arlington. Meet some friends out there, some lovely Louisiana girls. Spent all night dancing the two step! I used to do this all the time, but in the last 3 or so years I've not gone very much. So it was a real treat for me. Only had 1 beer, if you can believe that. Drank a ton of water though, b/c I was sweating like crazy!

Woke up early on Sunday, and went to church with Bill. He's into that quite a bit, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to go check it out. They had a good message. The message was, Ask God to change your heart, not your behavior. Pretty good.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Class of 1996

We had our 15 year class reunion over the weekend. Coming from a small town, these are usually a pretty cool thing to go to, because you kinda know everybody. Figured I write up a little something to commemorate the event. Maybe you like it, maybe you dont:

Can you believe we're here
We've faced fears, cried tears
We drank a few beers
Through these years

Our hearts soften, those jeers of yesteryear
Listening intently do we hear, a cheer
Through these years

The good times, we'll hold dear
But our loved ones, we'll hold near
Through these years

Book Review - Selfish Path to Romanc e

Just finished up reading: The Selfish Path to Romance: How to Love with Passion and Reason.
What an awesome book. Here is the review I wrote for my Living Social: Books account.

I consider this book as must read for any one person or couple if they are seriously interested in establishing a relationship based on mutual respect, which will ultimately be both rewarding and fulfilling. The books has case study examples and at the end of each chapter, it has a workbook style format with questions that help you understand the ideas presented in each chapter. From our typical understanding of the word "selfishness" you may be put off somewhat. We often think of love as selfless and how we should sacrifice for others to prove out love, etc... This book throws those archaic relationship defeating ideas right out of the window and help you start anew, with an approach grounded in logic and reason. It is only through the use of our mind, can we reach the fullest expression of our humanity.

Here are some highlighted takeaways, from the book.

Romantic love is a strong, emotionally intimate relationship between consenting adults that combines an intense valuing of a partner on the deepest level and the enjoyment of sexual pleasure with that partner.

It is no accident that one of the most painful complaints you can make about your partner is that "He/She" makes me feel invisible, unimportant, like I don't exist.

Being "good" by sacrificing one's values destroys happiness and romance.

The code of sacrifice promises happiness by advocating a contradiction: the demand that one give up that which makes happiness possible.

Loving a narcissist is a frustrating, painful and ultimately heartbreaking experience, because they have unlimited wants but nothing positive to offer another person

True love is egoism a deux - egoism for two.

Real love is based not on mystery or fantasy but on causality. People want to be loved for specific reasons.

Anyone who wants to establish a long-term relationship is faced with the question: What's essential in a partner for my happiness?

The Platonic view that sexual enjoyment is shameful or wrong is profoundly insulting and unjust. Your body - with its capacity for sexual pleasure - is neither good nor evil; it is a fact of your nature. You are born with it, and this it's outside your realm of choice. To feel condemned for your sexual capacity is to make a mockery of morality.

A woman of substance surely wants to hear something profound about why she is loved - something specific about her character, mind, values, and way of approaching her career and life.

Alright, so get out there and get this book!

Friday, June 3, 2011

May Training Updates

Didn't post much in May. So what.

The Month started off slow, but did R2R2R so that was cool.

Started training seriously on the 13th of May. Was working out of our Southlake office at work. They have a corporate gym there with trainers on staff. I don't use trainers. I've been pumping iron for 22 years, and run 100 mile races. I'm not sure exactly what they would be able to teach me. Maybe something I guess. Most times, when I'm motivated, it's internal motivation so I'm not looking for accountability or to have someone cheer me on or yell at me.

Started cleaning up my diet, and working out up to 5 times a day, 3 weight workouts, 2 runs. Not every day with 5 workouts, but everyday I have done something. Averaging about 10 to 13 miles a day running. Half-marathon a day will keep the doctor away!!

All that running gives you time for some introspection, so I've been doing some of that. Probably will write up a story about it in the coming weeks.

Going to start a 7 day hemp powder shake and fruit and vegetable diet on Sunday. See how that works. I was able to put on my jeans today and feel comfortable, w/o to much dunlap disease. Really hoping to get to 175 by end of June and under 170 by mid July. Haven't been that light since '98. Should be a running machine at 165 being as how I've been running at 185 to 195 for the last 4 years.

So. I'm pretty motivated right now, I hope it lasts.