Thursday, October 30, 2008

If You Don't Mind It Don't Matter

I remember the first time I heard the saying in the title of today's post. It was the first week of basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

Some rough and tough drill sergeant told us that as we were getting ready for P.T.

It a pretty true statement.

I am all packed up and ready to head out to Bandera for the Cactus Rose 100 mile trail run.

I have not been feeling 100% since I got back from Palo Duro 50 miler. Hell I have only been running 3 times but not for very long. A friend of mine Mark from Austin will be pacing me through the night on this race. I have never had a pacer before, but it should be fun. I would like to run a 24hr 100 this weekend, but I will not push it too hard. I am just going to head out there and have fun. Take breaks, talk a little, make a day of it. Just play it by ear. We have to provide our own food at this race. I think I am ready, lots of SPIZ, Ensure, HEED, and gels.

I have been trying to talk myself out of this race all week. These 100 milers are so mentally taxing. I have been apprehensive and a little scared about this race all week. I have prepared myself physically for this one I think. I will need to manage my nutrition properly and my hydration and my expectations. If I am able to do this well, then the race will be good. This race will be my 3 100 mile attempt and hopefully my second finish. The biggest thing a person needs to complete a race like this is patience.

Wish me luck, I am going to need it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

14 Oct 2008

Dammit man, still tired as a one legged man in an ass kickin contest.

Did 4 miles with the girls this morning, but I was slow. Sore from yesterday.

Went to kung fu this afternoon, got my ass kicked.

They have a leg/groin stretcher machine there. I worked on that for a little while after practice.

Going to bed early.

Monday, October 13, 2008

13 Oct 2008

Ran 8.5 miles to the gym

4 x 30 reps 135 lbs squats
4 x 10 reps each leg 135lbs lunge squats
3 x 15 reps deadlifts 145 lbs
120 v-ups
120 crunches
5 x 5 reps pull ups
4 x 25 reps with 25lbs dumbells stifflegged deadlifts
4 x 45 reps 65 lbs leg extenstions
4 x 40 reps 65 lbs leg curls.
4 x 10 reps leg lifts
did about 20 min of stretching

ran 6.5 miles home

i feel like warmed over baby poop.

i left at 1730 and got home at 2230 i have been averaging 6 mile per hour pace on my runs.

wow i really fell like shit right now.

going to bed

Sunday, October 12, 2008

11 Oct 2008

I woke up about 0300 this morning and got ready to run down to Brekinridge Park here in San Antonio.

I thought that it would be about 20 miles, but it turned out that it was only 15 miles. I arrived about an hour early for the Alzehimer's walk. As I turned into the park, Team in Training was leaving for thier 18 miler. So I just fell in behind them and ran for another hour. Ended up running 20 miles today. As I was going back into the park for the second time my friend Janice pulls up along side me in her car, with family in tow, and says hey what are you doing? I hung out at the walk till about 0900 and called my friend Bill to come and pick me up. I met him at the Whitte Museum. He took me home and then we took off on our motorcycles and headed up to Johnson City for the pig roast/biker rally/ fundraiser. I hate biker rallys.

When we go to Johnson City, named after president Johnson, there was a big stretched dually limo filled with bachelorette girls. They were all dressed in stripper boots and wigs. They were from Austin. I was like, "Hey Bill, here comes the circus!" I chatted with them a minute and they were looking for a stripper, so I was like, Hey I'll do it!!!

The took some pictures sitting on our bikes and I took my shirt off and they took some pictures of that too. Good thing I ran that 20 miles this morning, I was looking pretty lean.

I told the bride to be, if it doesnt work out, then I live in Selma so come by and see me! haha

I looked at bill and says, "Well, we better just go on home because it aint gonna get any better than this!" He agreed.

Went made it over to the pig roast, and stayed there till about 5 pm. We left there and headed over to Lukenbach and had some fried potatoes and pulled pork sandwich. From there we stopped in Sisterdale, in a little roadside bar that was like the ones back home and played a few songs on the jukebox and had some beers.

Got back to San Antiono about 9PM.

All in all, everybody made it home safe, so it was a good day.

In the last 7 days, i added it up, I ran 96 miles. No freakin wonder my knees hurt.

I am taking Sunday off. Off to Hooters for some beers and some football viewing and lunch. Then I am going to put together some stuff for Goodwill and do some cleaning.

Friday, October 10, 2008

10 Oct 2008

Another good day. Laughed my ass off at work all day! I did some work too. haha

8.5 mile run to the gym.

Tried to do my leg work out, no dice. These stumps hurt like hell.

So I just did:
120 crunches
90 V-ups
3x30 Reps @ 45lbs dumbells bench press.
3x20 Reps @ 20lbs shoulder raises, front and side
3x15 Reps @ 25 lbs tricep extensions.

3 mile run home.

Fixing to go to bed. Planning on getting up at 0230 and run to Breckenridge Park here in San Antonio for the Alzheimer's Memory walk. Going to meet my friend Janice down there about 0730. I think its about 20 miles, so no later than 0330 leave time for me.

After that, planning on riding the motorcycle up to Johnson City for the Hog Roast/ Biker Ralley. Some kinda fund raiser, where after the gate fee, its free beer and free pork.

Good thing I am not Jewish, Because I love pork. haha

Oh yea, some stuff I ordered on line from Hammer came in. I ordered some bars, some heed, some gels, two gel flasks, a cycling cap, and a sleeveless tech shirt. I got the cylcling cap because I wanted to shade my bald head. haha I look like a dork. hhaha

The sleevless shirt lets me show off my "16in GUNS" "I dont need tickets for this GUN show" and my tattoo. I plan on getting another one on my left shoulder soon. So one on each shoulder. Pimpin it. hahaha

9 Oct 2008

I bought breakfast for the fellas in the shop this morning. I ate like 6 doughnuts and 6 sausage rolls. YES! I felt like a fat ass, but it really tasted good. I will be regretting that "for-ever".

4 mile warm up run. After work. I was really super sore, so I thought that I should do a run before I went to kung fu. I wanted loosen up so I could stretch better at kung fu, but I got there late and missed the stretching. I had to jump right in, and start sparring, so I got my ass kicked.

For Supper I went to my friend Ms. Karen's house. She is my friend from college. She made pork chops, cornbread, steamed veggies, and baked potato. I ate about 4 pork chops. That's my favourite food, pork chops. Its a good thing that the little piggy made it to the market, um um good. We got to catch up and we talked about the economy. Then I got volunteered to come by on Sunday to do some yard work. Yippee!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How are you? Mighty Fine, Mighty Fine, as an old Sergant Major used to say when I was in the Army.

8.5 mile run to the gym
3 sets 30 Reps @ 135lbs squats with wide, normal, narrow stance.
2 sets 15 Reps @ 145lbs deadlifts
3 sets 10Reps each leg @ 135lbs lunge squats
4 sets 5 Reps pullups
3 sets 40 reps @ 50 lbs leg extensions
3 sets 40 reps @ 50 lbs leg curls
3 sets 35 reps @ 45lbs dumb bells flat bench
90 reps V-ups in sets of 30
90 reps crunches in sets of 30
3 sets 25 Reps @ 25lbs dumbell curls
a little bit of stretching
3 mile run home

Went grocery shopping, the new Budweiser American Ale is out, It tastes wonderful!

Monday, October 6, 2008

6 Oct 2008

Had a Great Day!

Ran 3 miles to the gym.

2 x 30 reps squats @ 135lbs. wide, medium, narrow stance 10 each
1x15 reps squats @ 185 lbs 3 different stances. 5 each

1x10 reps each leg lunge squats @ 135 lbs
1x5 reps each leg lunge squats @ 185 lbs these lunge squats really hit the hamstrings and glutes where they tie together at the back of the top of the leg. Great for hill running.

2 x 15 reps deadlifts with 145lbs, use 2 25lbs plates on each side, so you get real deep.

3 x 5 reps pullups

1x 20 reps cable rows @ 85lbs

3 X 40ish reps @ 50 and 65 lbs leg extensions do themfor 1 minute, practice breathing on these

2x 40ish reps @ 50lbs leg curls

went through a stretching routine for 30 minutes

4 X 10 reps leg lifts really hits the hip flexors

8 mile run home with intervals

If I keep this up, I should be strong for Cactus rose on 1Nov.

Wish me luck.

Oct. 4/5

I had fun at the trail twister 60K. This is a photo of my friend Mark and I after the finish.
We have run a few races together and we always finish real close to each other, but never see each other out on the course. Odd, I think.
Did the 60K in 7:32 minutes or so. I had a rough patch about mile 21 to 25 but made it through. I went out to fast, but I had the best view on the whole course for 17 miles. No way I was gonna slow down. After the rough patch I decided I should try to run my race, not someone elses race, and ended up with a strong finish. Afterwards, Mark and I jumped in the lake to cool off.
This race was a trial run to see how it would be to ride my motorcycle to a race and camp. We the motorcycle bit and the camping bit went great. So in Two weeks I will ride up to Amarillo and run the 50 miler up there. This race will be a real hoot. Tons of folks will be there so I am already getting excited. Also my best friend Bill and his wife are coming up to camp and hang out, so whoo hooo!
On Sunday, I ran to the gym 3 miles and did about half my workout routine with a little less weight, then ran home 3 miles.
My plan this week is to work the squats and deadlifts and stretch. I will be running to the gym and back, which i can make a 6 mile or 10 mile. So I will have a chance to be on my feet.
On Saturday, a friend of mine is participating in an Alzheimer's fundraising walk in Breckinridge Park. I will run down there and then do the walk. Its about 20 miles from my house and is also the start of the San Antonio Marathon on the 16th of November. I will see how long it takes to get down there from my house so I will know. My plan to to run the start of the marathon and run it, then run home for about 62 miles. Its my birthday, so 2 miles for each year old I am and a nice 100k. We will see!!