Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Race Schedule

     After careful culling, and some bad luck with lotteries and entries I have a 2015 race schedule.  Ultimately I have quite a bunch of bills to pay off from 2014 so this is driving some of my decisions.  I hope to see lots of friends out there!

RACE                      DATE              GOAL
BANDERA 100K    10-Jan              12:00:00
SCHERTZ 5K          17-Jan              19:15
RODEO 4 MILE      14-Feb              24:40
NUECES 50K          28-Feb              4:10:00
LST 96 MILE           14-Mar             24:00:00
TIR 200 SOLO*       28-Mar             48 HOURS
VERMONT 888K    23-May            164 HOURS
VOL STATE                9-Jul              100 HOURS
NOLANS 14              AUG*              57 HOURS
BIG BACKYARD    17-Oct               72 HOURS*

     There may be some other races that jump in there.  I've had to reconsider Ronda Dels Cims, Born To Run 50K, and Spartathlon.  Also, I may pass on a Grand Canyon trip this year.  But there may be an event I will put on in December 2015  -  El Camino de la Vaca.  Additionally the SnowDrop 55 hour would be a cool event for nex December as well.  Stay Tuned.

Monday, December 29, 2014

An Elliptical Revolution - 100K in 2 Mile Loops

     Vincent and I were out at the Houston Running Festival on Saturday.  This event has a half-marathon, marathon, 50K, 50M, 100K, 100M, 12HR, or 24HR categories.  I was signed up for the 100K and Vincent the 50K.  The course is a 2 mile loop in Bear Creek Park on the westside of Houston.  
      My goal last year in 2013 was to run this 100K in 10hrs30min so that I could qualify for Spartathlon.  However I ended up getting the flu on Christmas day and was unable to make it.  No so this year.  I've been training very consistently since August of 2013.  I have been averaging about 136 heart rate at a 8:49 pace so I thought if all went well, my chances for a qualifying time were pretty good. Based on the new qualifying standards, I just barely qualified.  I may have to wait through a lottery process.  Which is fine for me.  No worries.   
     This course is a two mile looped course.  Logistics are easy if you can get over the fact that you are spending nine to ten hours running around in circles and with very tight margins of time. There would be little to no walking for me.  I put about two and a half scoops of a mixture of tailwind/carbopro/skratch in my hand held bottles.  I had eight, sixteen ounce Ultimate direction bottles all lined up for nutrition, and also about 4 gels at the ready.  My plan was one bottle per hour.
      Nothing ever goes according to plan.  The day started overcast at 70 degress with 100% humidity.  What a bunch of bullshit.  That went on for 4 hours.  My water usage rate went up quite a bit, but was still manageable.  After four hours the cold front blew in and cooled things off but, it rained quite a bit as well.  So it got pretty dammed cold.  My 50K split was about 4:30, which I figured for me to make a nine hour 100K would be almost impossible.
     At mile 38 my Garmin died and you can see from my results, my pace immediately started slowing down and from mile 48/50 on I was averaging about 10 minute miles.  Oh well.  Isn't that how it goes some times?  I ended up running a 9:45:58 according to these results.  I was first in the 100K which was nice, but I do not think the other competitors were there to tear up the course.  This event was really low key. 
     Why a revolution?   This is huge advancement for me in terms of total running, blocking out boredom, the elements, and managing my race nutrition.  I've never actually run that many miles in a race, ever.  All total I ran at least 61 miles of the 62.  My energy levels felt great most of the race.  I didn't let the weather get to me, and generally ran my ass off.  What a huge confidence booster for me.  I really hit a tough spot between miles 40 to 50, but was able to push through that mental barrier.  The last 12 miles were basically run at a 10min pace.  I'll take that. 
     I have some pain on the inside of my left knee and my right achilles is a bit tight.  I've been icing the knee and did some foam rolling last night and this morning.  I should be good to go by Friday.  I even have very little muscle soreness, as compared to previous events.  I really do feel like I hit this one out of the park, even though I was 46 minutes over the time I was trying to run.
     If you are reading this, thanks for indulging me and allowing me to gloat.  Let's go for a run!!!

Barkley Fall Classic Poem

I put together a small poem in villanelle form to commemorate my experience at the Barkley Fall Classic back in September.  

A thousand yard stare, eyes with tears glare.
No labor hath Hercules known, no deed can atone.
Walk with wanton abandon in hopeless despair.

Victims of treachery have become our fate.
Without remorse, Sisyphus rolls his stone.
A thousand yard stare, eyes with tears glare.

Running the course in our minds a debate.
The briars we bemoan, but condone.
Walk with wanton abandon in hopeless despair.

Passing Rat Jaw straights, in shoes blood collates.
Many trips over stones, nary a talent shone.
A thousand yard stare, eyes with tears glare.

Please, please where is the nearest interstate?
It would be best to just leave this all alone.
Walk with wanton abandon in hopeless despair.

Please allow me to recriminate, desecrate.
The final reckoning shan’t be postponed.
A thousand yard stare, eyes with tears glare.
Walk with wanton abandon in hopeless despair.