Monday, November 10, 2008

A Time for Reflection

Well, i finished the Cactus rose 100 mile trail run. Yes, it was painful. No, I would not have been able to finish w/o my super pacer and good friend Mark Richards from Austin. What a super guy. I am glad he brought pizza. Basically I ran the last 55 miles on 2 pieces of pizza, 1 sausage roll, 1 pastie, 4 gels, and 1 mixture of spiz and 2 ensures.

Dont ever try that. If you go to a race where you have to supply your own food, bring a large pizza or two. What? Yes, I am that guy who tried to run a 100 miler on Spiz. Not a good idea.

As the other 100 milers I have attempted this year, this race was mentally taxing. Afterwards I felt more mentally drained than physically, but I do sleep alot better the first week, ha,ha. By, Wednesday my leg quads, calves, and hamstings were fine, no pain. But, my knees, ankles and hips were still killing me. I did a 4 mile walk with my dog on Wednesday. That went pretty good, but no running.

What's a guy to do when he caint run? Drink Beer!! So I drank beer the last 7 days since the race. I am feeling quite a bit better now. Oh yea, Wurstfest was great on Thursday. Lots of nice chickies to oogle.

I went out for some time this morning. 3 miles with the ladies from the parkway. Then some walking.

I am planning on running to the gym tonight doing a light workout and running home. That will be 6 miles, plus the 3 from this morning. Not bad, I think.

I am running the San Antonio Marathon on Sunday. It's my birthday, the big 31, and my anniversery marathon. Last years marathon was my first marathon, so I guess I will just run to the start, run the race and then run home. No hurry, and just make a day of it. I already did my 31hours of running for my 31st b-day at cactus rose so I will just try to make it a 100k for by B-day. This race should be fun, its a Rock-and-Roll marathon with 30,000 people. We are big time now, here in San Antonio.

I also signed up for bandera 100k in january. I figured it would be fun. My friend Mark is running this race also. Maybe I will be able to hang with him, but he is pretty fast so we will see.

Other than that for 2009, I have not made any decisions on any races. Not real sure what I want to do. I learned quite a bit about myself over the last year, but I am feeling like I need to feed my mind. And do some writing. I started reading a book about a polish girl who helped out Jews during the war. Pretty good book and it reads well.

Well, I am out for now.