Friday, July 26, 2019

Euforia dels Cims - 2019 - Take Two

  I started writing a long ass blog, but I did not feel like completing it. So here is take two.

What is Euforia dels Cims:
Ultra Raid in the Principality of Andorra by inseparable team of two people in semi-autonomy under the full moon.
  • 233 k (145 mi.) 20,000 meters (12,427 mi.) of elevation gain and 20,000 meters (12,427 mi.) of elevation loss
  • Departure from Ordino town centre on Wednesday on the morning and finish in Ordino town centre
  • 5 peaks upon 2,900 meters
  • 32 peaks or passes between 2,500 and 2,900 meters
  • Average altitude: 2,200 meters
  • 4 refreshment points (in the 4 accommodation areas) + arrival
  • A single dropbag (offered by the organization) transported from accommodation area to accommodation area
  • Briefing attendance is compulsory
  • Without marking of the path
  • The runners have a track
  • GPS tracker put at the disposal of every runner to allow theonline following
  • Euphoric panoramic views, some technical zones
  • The most spectacular feature: peaks, passes and path in crests allowing views 360 on all the massif of Pyrenees (the North of Spain and the region Midi-Pyrénées in France)
  • The most technical section: descent in rocky blocks or masses of fallen rocks
Why Euforia: 
     I don't like contrived "hard stuff" such as Spartan races, Survial Runs, Death Races, gimmick events, etc... I don't like the trend in ultrarunning where everyone thinks they need 10 pacers and 50 crew members. Euforia is pure. It's you and your partner and the mountains. No babysitting, no hand holding. Hours on your feet with out support, etc.. But the biggest appeal is the mountains, pure and simple.

How Do You Know You're Ready:

      Basically, you don't.  I wasn't sure when I got on the plane, but I saddled up anyway.

How Do You Prepare:

      You can't prepare in one season. It takes may experiences to have the right frame of mind to be successful.  Events like Vol State, the Salsa Walk 100K or 200K, Nolan's 14 Scouting, our Camino Santiago in 16.5 days trek last year, Hardrock or similar, Infinitus 888K.  The multi-day events with continuous clock really bring you valuable experience to prepare.

What Does Success in Euforia Look Like:

     Finishing of course, but beyond that, is character.  Did you make friends? Did you help your neighbor? Did you allow your neighbor to help you? Did you give into your struggle and act out, or did you accept your fate and continue forward?

What Was the Biggest Lesson You Learned:

     The lesson is always patience and acceptance.  However in this sense, its not over in 30 or 36 hours, it's 4 days or more. If you let the mountains come to you and unfold, without expectation, accepting each climb as it's presented, then you can always have the strength necessary for what's coming next.

What's Next:

     I'd like to give Tor des Geants a shot, PTL (Petite Trotte à Léon), and go back and finish the Nolan's 14 line.