Monday, January 26, 2009


I hadn't heard that expression probably in 10 years. I am going to bring it back, well maybe.

Great news today, the short rope came in along with my Bulgarian Training bags.

The Gerard Trap bar did not come in, but I have enough to keep me busy for now.

I watched the "How To" video for the bags. Wholly shit, brother! We did not have wrestling or powerlifting in my high school and as far as the wrestling goes. Thank God!

This training bag was designed by an Olympic wrestling champion and he is now the coach at the U.S Olympic wresting training camp.

Those dudes have some power. Torsos that are like brick walls. Strength up,down,sideways,crossways, backwards you name it they have some strength. And some hellacious muscular endurance.

For endurance running, I dont see the need to get my heartrate that high, but I am going to do it anyway because I think it will pay mad dividends.

For today, I just went to Bikram Yoga. It was an hour and half of sweat and almost some tears. I am getting much better, with marked improvments in flexibility and balance. I was finally able to grab both my ankles and do the bow pose on the floor. That was a big step. I still cannont do camel pose, but I will get there one day. I needed the good stretch and will be back tomorrow morning. 0600.

Well, I had some more thoughts but In the middle of writing and doing laundry and vacuming I forgot.

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Anonymous said...

Bikram yoga is real ass kicker. I am planning to join too.