Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Workouts

Got off my arse this morning and went to yoga! Finally! I don't feel like such a slacker now.

Did a quick workout at lunch.

6 minutes of Indian Club swings
2 sets 40 reps kettlebell snaches 35lbs 20 each arm
1 set 40 reps kettlebell swings 35lbs 20 each arm
3 sets of 30 reps bulgarian bag swings. 15 each direction

This workout went really well, I would jog about 40 yards between sets.

After work I did some stretching of my hip flexors, and some back bridges, and wall walking.

Wall walking is where you are two foot lengths away from the wall with your back facing the wall. Then flex your glutes and begin to lean back till your hands touch. Then you walk your hands down the wall leaving your feet in place. If your hip flexors are flexible enough, you can do this no problem. Mine arent so Its hard as hell, but getting alot better.

Then I hit a quick workout with the kettlebells.

3 sets 20 snatches. 10 each arm
3 sets 20 swings. 10 each arm.

Afterwards, I went to kung fu and tai chi practice. I am preparing to test for 1st brown in kung fu, so after stretching and drills I worked on my material.

In tai chi, I am preparing to test for blue sash. So I am working in the tai chi sword form. I basically have it down now, I just need to work through the form with proper tai chi breathing.

On tai chi 24, I am pretty good with this. I have really been focusing on breathing properly and am aware of my weight in each movement of the form.

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Now you are getting me worried & and heck ya, am scared to run with ya.