Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Updates to the Updates

Well, I ended up running the Bandera 100k. I let another runner talk me into it! Dammit. I think it was due to all the energy and excitement. I have been having issues with my hip flexores and IT band. It went well though. Just under 15 hours. I can not complain about that. Good energy the whole time I had a good time visiting with everybody and running and helping out. My dog, Lacey, didn't give anyone too much trouble either. During the run, I tried a few different techniques to make sure that I kept my hip and lower back loose. I did sideways cross-legged steps up the hills and did 3rd world squats from time to time and also walked up hill backwards on occasion. These tricks kept me from alot of pain. Also I really focused on tensing my glutes to push the hips forward and stretch the hip flexors. My booty was sore, but thats better than my lower back.


I am suprisingly not as sore as I thought I would be. The only thing that is really sore are my quads. My lower back and hamstrings feel like a million bucks.

I did not do anything for recovery on Sunday. I help take down some of the tents and helped fix a flat tire before leaving the state park. Breakfeast was served and it was very tasty. After I made it back to San Antonio, I cleaned myself up and headed over to Hooters for my Sunday beers. After about 4 I went on home because there were no good games on and went to sleep.

I was supposed to go run hills on Monday morning with the running group, but after waking up at 0500 I realized that my ankles were swollen ass hell, as they usually are, but worse it took me about 5 minutes to get up off the floor. I texted to the group that I would not make it.

Monday night I went to Tai Chi at 1930 for a 30 minute meditation seminar and then went through the first 24 Tai Chi movements. I made to twin peaks strike the temple but forgot the rest.

Tuesday morning I woke up at 0500 and went to Bikram Yoga and went through the 1.5 hour session in 105 degree temperature. I felt pretty good by the end, but my quads are still sore.

My kettlebell and indian clubs came in on Monday! Very excited about that and watched the instructional videos. My had grippers also came in, from 60 to 360 lbs tensile strength. I plan on working my way up to make my hands very strong.

Thats it for now, heading out for some light warm up at home and then to Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

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