Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nice Weekend, So Far

Well yesterday I ran the Endurathon 25k run in Bulverde.

I ran a 9:45 pace so that brought me in at about 2.5 hours. It was little slower than last year, but I have not been working on speed at all so I was okay with it. I tried to run it on two hand helds, no salts and no gels. Its only 15.5 miles, but I wanted to see how my body would respond.
As I thought, It started getting pretty tight about mile 11. I ended up have about 4 cups of heed and had to refill one of my bottles at mile 13.5 . I took one Enduralyte and 2 sport beans. Thats pretty light for me. The course was very hilly, and it was cold with pretty significant wind gusts.

Today, I woke up early at 0630. I took my indian clubs, kettlebell, medicine balls and jump ropes to the practice field at the local high school and did a workout. Here is what it looked like.

3 min Jump Rope with 1lb rope.
Indian club swings, 1lbs clubs - 4 minutes. 2lbs clubs 2 sets of 3 minutes.
50 Hindu squats 4 sets
150 hindu squats 1 set.
35lb kettlebell 10 swings each arm 4 sets . 20 swings each arm 1 set.
50yards of lunges 4 sets
50 yards of bear crawls 2 sets
10 pull ups.

This is a sort of trial workout, I hope to "bring on the pain" in future workouts.

Till next time.

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