Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Habit? Rabbit, Bilbo Bagget.

So, I am supposed to be getting into this habit of updating my blog with my workouts everyday.
Which seems rather easy if you workout! ahahah

Actually I have been doing a few things, but nothing to really constitute blogging about.
I am in a learning phase with some new exercises, routines, etc...

I bought a couple of books by Matt Furey: Combat Conditioning and Combat Abs.


I have been trying out some of the exercises in these books and I am working on a routine I can do with these, indian clubs, kettlebells, bulgarian bags, medicine balls, the Gerard trap bar and jump ropes.

I want to substitute my "gym" workout with these and then maybe hit the gym once or twice a week for some social interaction. hahaha

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week I went to yoga. On Saturday, I ran about 2 or 3 miles and went through all of my kung fu material. 4 long forms, 2 weapons forms, 30 short katas and 20 sparring techniques. Also I went through Tai Chi 24 and Pak Wa section 1. I worked a little with the medicine ball doing woodchoppers, russian twists, and lunges. A little work with the kettlebell and with the indian clubs. Focusing on deep breathing. Six seconds in and six seconds out.

On Sunday I went to yoga and then just rode the motorcylce for a while with a buddy of mine.

Monday I worked a little bit on my new exercies with the medicine ball, indian clubs, kettlebell and some jump rope. Tried a few back bridges, hindu squats, hindu push ups, and handstand push ups.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTyT8y57ef0 (these are hard as hell)

Did the same today and and went to kung fu and tai chi practice.

I need to get a solid routine down, one for an extened workout on sat and sun and one for lunch time during the week. Also one for in the morning before my runs.

Still working on that, will let you know when I have everything finalized.


Jeff F said...

Huntsville every other year eh? When you said it I knew better.

Jeff F.

johnt said...

Dude, I got got my arm twisted. Tejas Trails 300 award. I had to do it.

Jeff F said...

That will be a helluva a cool award to have. Lets hope the pine trees don't drive is all MAD!!