Sunday, March 20, 2011

10th Marathon

Ran my 10th marathon on Saturday. This was a trail marathon and cheaper than a road marathon which, in my view, road marathons are way overpriced. This one was special. My friends Jeff and Cheri put on a marathon for their wedding. It was pretty fun. Out at Warda. I have never run there before, but back in 2000 to 2003 I used to drive by the place about 4 times a month, and it was only like 60 miles from where I grew up. Pretty cool. Ran the whole race with my buddy Gordon. Talkin shit the whole time. I really did have a blast. Didn't beat that damm Russian Dmitry, but oh well. I was gonna whack him with a stick when he passed us, but decided against it. Carried this chick on my back over the finish line. She's lucky I didn't take her in the woods and have my way with her. But thought that would be a little much. Wore a breech cloth the first loop with hurraches. Went native till I started chaffing like crazy. Pretty good pics. Woulda been better if I could have worn it the whole time and been 20lbs lighter. hahah.
Drank some beers after the race. Went out there with my buddy Scott, but we only got like 4 hours of sleep the night before because we drank beers and bullshitted till 1 AM.
Went to the wedding on Sunday. It was real nice. Lots of Jeff and Cheri's trail runner friends showed up, plus of course, family and friends they know from their other life pursuits. The ceremony was awesome, a little chapel south of Austin. The dinner was excellent. Got home about 12:30 last night.
Ran to the gym after work today. Did a fast mile about 7:15 pace on road. Did a fast hill, and then eased on into the gym. 3 miles. Did 4 sets of my clean and jerk with a front squat. Did 315 deadlift for 4 reps. Did 2 sets of 1 rep with 100lbs dumbell one arm, standing arnold press. That was cool. Got a ride home with a buddy from work. Didnt feel like running back. Not bad after a marathon on Saturday.

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