Wednesday, March 23, 2011


You know, call me a puss or whatever. I don't care, but I was not interested in running after work yesterday. Wind was gusting up, not sure how fast but it was pretty damm windy. I had already ran 4 miles yesterday morning before work so I had some miles in the bank. Hooters was doing a customer appreciation day yesterday and giving away 10 free wings with purchase of a drink.
Yippie, now I can eat for free and spend the money on extra beer. So I decided to blow off my afternoon workout, and go drink beer and eat wings. I got the naked, boneless wings with a side salad. (healthy option) I was enjoying my big daddy, 22oz, Modelo Especial at the bar and having a good time, watching the TV. Then some son of a bitch walks up, sits down a seat or two away. This asshole was wearing enough cologne for 2 draft horses. Fuck man, you just ruined my whole day.
You may not know, but I hate a lot of smells. Like two fat chicks running at the park who smell like laundry detergent or downy sheets. Like the old cougar at the gym who's wearing perfume. It's not gonna help lady, you look like sandpaper and your cooch probably sags more than your titties. The smell of the crap people spray after they take a dump. Light a freakin match. Matches smell good. Your spray smells worse than your shit. I really hate the smell of rotten boiled eggs, but I don't have those at my house so I'm okay.
I do like the smell of leather candles or vanilla ones. Also the smell of pork chops frying in a pan. The smell of scotch and wild turkey 101. The smell of my last girlfriends panties wasn't too bad either. (j/k i knew i'd get you)
Anyway, so I'm sitting there, trying not to kick this freakin dudes ass. I can move, but I gotta payout and plus the tables I like to sit at are taken. So I'd have to sit in the back and you don't get to watch the girls and give them shit while they are carrying a heavy ass tray of food. I order another beer, thinking that it might help. But, the dude musta had some extra in his pocket and keep putting more on. So after only 2 of those biggies, I took off. Man, I wanted to drink it up, like at least 4 or 5.
Went on home, tried to sleep. Couldn't. Got a text from my buddy Bill about how he squatted 315 for 4 reps. I texted back with, drank 44oz of beer in 20 min! he gave me some shit. So What. But, couldn't sleep so I went out and ran 8.5 miles. Not fast but just running. Came back, drank another beer, and read about Iceland's Economic Collapse a book I am working on.

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