Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ah Hell

Dammit, Larry was right. Shouldn't be doing speed work everyday. I knew that, but hell push the limits.
Hammies were tight today, opted for 3 mile run at lunch, but at a much faster pace than my typical 10 min pace. Didn't have garmin, but prob was around 8:15, 8:30 pace.
Ran in the NB trail minimus after work, for 5 miles on the most rocky trail in Texas, Cibolo Creek. Check it out on Facebook, Cibolo Creek Running Club. The NB Trail Minimus ran like a champ. Once again, I pushed hard, averaged about 160bpm on the heart rate monitor. Not sure the pace, but pushed myself.

Read that the Army is re-vamping their PT test. Probably b/c all the douches they get coming in cain't pass it. The new test, is pussy. Read about it on the National Guard Facebook page.

Next hipster I see, I'm gonna choke 'em out.

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