Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cookies and Applesauce

Went for a run after work. From work to Gold's Gym is 5 miles, unless I stop by the house then it's 6. Left work on a run, tried to run intervals to work on speed, but have been cutting calories. So I got about 3 miles in, and started feeling all shitty. Was averaging 8 min pace, with my intervals. I run past a Starbucks, so I dropped in. I always keep some money in my hand held UD bottle. I had the most exquisite 1 dollar per table spoon apple sauce they sell. Of course they brand it as apple/grape fruit (whatever) organic, bullshit. USDA organic probably means nothing, other than this shit was grown in the dirt, not a lab. I was sweating all over the counter, because I'm a fatty. So I got the magic apple sauce and a cookie. Yea, you know the cookie monster, that weird blue thing from Sesame Street on PBS. Oatmeal raisin is my fave. So after my blood sugar spiked, I was rollin.
Did a few standing one arm dumbbell presses with a 105 dumbbell. Don't hate, pussies. Was gonna do some squats with 315 but my pussy was on fire, so just left. Ended up with 8 miles once I got back home, but my truck was still at work. Got the bike out of the garage, rode it up to work to get my truck. So 3 miles on the bike. Went to Hooters had some chilli. Was pissed b/c the girls ain't what they used to be. Had 3 22oz Modelos. Talked shit to the bartender. She got pissed, I don't give a damm.

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Derek said...

Now that's a sweet day!