Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today's Training

Worked last night till 3. That sucked. Got up about 9, so went to work.
It was just peachy.
Decided to do my lunch sprints against my better judgment.
Ran 6 200 meterish sprints, should be real close to 200 meters. Averaged 33 seconds.

After work, went for some 800. They sucked ass. The high school track/field had some stuff going on, so went over to the middle school.
Ran 5 800, averaged 3:14 pace, with best at 3:05.

Little bit of an improvement over sunday at 3:23 average. This is only my first week, so will see how it goes. Hope to be motivated enough tomorrow to run some sprints at lunch. Feels pretty bad ass. I just want to big buckle at Leadville, Big enough for a Texan.

Prob shouldnt do speed work everyday, but I'm not going to listen to anybody. Tough shit, its my training, I'll do it my way. Till I blow a hammy. hhaha.


Larry said...

Quit being stupid and doing speedwork every damn day!!! Any of these short-term improvements will grind to a halt very soon. No bitchin' when you pull up lame, Dumass! :)

johnt said...

You know me Larry, I'm an instinctive trainer. I listen to what my body says. If it's not right, I don't push it. I'm not afraid to take a day off, or quarter.